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My little girl. The expert hider.

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So far my kitten has found 4 places in my condo to hide that causes huge problems.

1. in my cabinets the carpenter didn't plug the holes. in each corner by the sink there's a gap where a kitten can, and will climb in that doesn't go to the cabinets but goes behind them. It's physically impossible to retrieve your kitten until THEY decide it's time. So for this I've stuffed a pitcher under each one to plug the hole until i get time to fix it.

2. The pan drawer of the oven. This one scares me. I found BOTH in there. I was making something, i think brownies, and I left the lower drawer of the oven open when I got the baking pan out. About 2 hours later I couldn't figure out where my cats went. I started calling them, and it took a few minutes to figure out what happened. I thought they were behind the cabinets per number 1. but they weren't. The only way I figured it out was they stepped on a broiler pan and it made a loud clank. I saved them!

3. I have a cabinest I use for bowls, cutting boards and one big broiler pot i have. It's just to the left of the oven and right at the corner described in number 1. I don't remember what I was doing but i had that cabinet open. Apparently the little girl squirted in there and ran to the back so I couldn't see her. I closed the door and a few hours later when I couldn't find her I heard her meows. Again I thought she was behind the cabinets in 1. but she wasn't. I figured it out because she stepped on a really big glass bowl I have that has 7 progressively smaller bowls inside of it. It makes a really distinct noise when it's bumped.

4. The crisper in the fridge. my little girl SPRINTS to the fridge whenever I open it. The little boy doesn't. but she shoots in. She managed to sneak in one time when I didn't notice. Of course I closed the door and didn't know. Hours later when I couldn't find her I started calling and using a cat version of marco polo found her. She was freezing! She sure purred loud that time. Since then I am very careful to watch her when i'm in the fridge.

So yeah, that's my life. hunting for my mischevious kitten!
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
So yeah, that's my life. hunting for my mischevious kitten!
well, sounds like a fun life.
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Yeah, they can sure find their way into things.

I never close anything before making sure there isn't a kitty hiding. I'm actually quit anal about knowing where my kitties are. If I don't see them for 1/2 an hour I go and seek them out to see where they are.

One of Chynna's favourite places in a kitchen cupboard where I keep my pots. The cupboard under the sink doesn't close tightly and she managed to figure out how to open it and goes in there and up on a shelf and walks around to her desired spot in the next cupboard. While Chynna can open it from the outside, I don't know if she can from the inside, so I always leave that one cupboard door slightly ajar. If it isn't then Abby goes in to the kitchen and paws at the door to make sure I go and open it
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The first night I brought Oliver and Rocky home, Rocky found a hole in the wall of my bedroom closet and hid in there. I went to use the bathroom and heard meowing but couldn't figure out where he was. The hole in the wall is to offer maintenance access to the bathroom plumbing -- he was somewhere in all those pipes! I lured him out with tuna, maintenance nailed a board over the hole (first making sure there were no kitties back there), and he never pulled that stunt again. He still will hang out in my bedroom closet for hours on end, though (maybe hunting for more secret passageways?).

He likes to hide in the kitchen cabinets, too, and he knows how to wrap his paw around the handles and open the door, so checking the cupboards is part of standard operating procedure every time I leave.
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At least Charlie will answer you when he gets in the cabinets. We learn to do a check on where kittys are before we leave the room/house if we haven't seen them in awhile.

He's good at when you open doors - we've learned to check and see if he's in there first.

But your problem with the holes - I would put a piece or two of duct tape across those holes (criss-cross) till its fixed!
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When I brought my girls home, they did the same thing. There are holes under the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. All are plugged with something or other. I think they cannot fit anymore, but why take the chance.

Another place they got into was the crack between the dishwasher and the cabinet. They squeezed in there also.

Also, behind the stove. We have it blocked but we are forever retrieving their toys that they bat behind and under the stove.

They are mischievous creatures, aren't they.
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I lost my cat Petunia in a one-bedroom apartment. I found her when I opened up the cabinet and she was sitting on the plates. The bottom of the cabinet wasn't a complete board and there was a small triangular opening in the corner. I stuffed it with newspaper and didn't have a problem after that.
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chloe hid in one of the back closets at my grandmas once (i was staying with her at the time.) i thought my little cousin had let her out since she had let the dog out without tying him up. (her dog is in/out, but they have an 8ft fence and she didnt know any different -she was 5.)

everyone looked for chloe for about 2hrs when my grandparents had to leave to meet my cousins parents to take her home.

another 2 hours later we were still looking and i mean we looked EVERYWHERE! we had lifted beds up -twice- dug thru all the closets, gone outside and called for her, patches was even getting upset, the dog was so upset that he had thrown up (he does that when hes worried, like when someone is hospitalized), and i was so distraught i was getting ready to call 911. (its a small town, they dont have anything better to do lol)

kailey SWORE she hadnt let the cat out because she knew the kitties didnt go outside, only the dog did. she LOVES chloe and patch so i believed her. patchy kept pawing at the closet in the back bedroom so i kept digging around with the flash light but i couldnt find her. and of course at this point, im bawling hysterically because i cannot find chloe ANYWHERE and im missing bedlam football. (ok im more upset about chloe lol)

i cant find her at all. my family (who i was supposed to meet to watch the game with since theyre all osu alum and i went to OU) is calling to see if ive found chloe is on the phone with mom. im sitting on the bed with my head in my head bawling and chloe slooooooowly slinks out of the closet where patchy had been pawing. she has this look on her face like she *knew* she was in trouble and she was! she walked over to me, all cowered down and let out a sheepish little meow. i didnt know whether to hug her or drop her off at the chinese restaurant!!

she had been hiding in a shoebox (it had come apart at the seam) buried under 4 sleeping bags which were under 6 shotguns, several dozen boxes of shells, 2 bows, a 14 point buck head and some arrows plus some other random crap. how she even got under there i will never know. i made my cousin come get his crap the next day. we won bedlam lol
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