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New "thing".... Hide under the covers

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I hate this. my little girl has decided she likes to go under the covers to sleep. The problem is I move around quite a bit during the night and I'm afraid I'm going to smash her!

For now, she slinks under the covers just far enough to be covered. Then turns around so she can see out. you cant see her but she can see you. Then she paws at her brother as he passes by until he plays. he stays on top pouncing and she hides underneath slinking away.

When they get tired she climbs down and sleeps between my legs mostly. I don't remember having a cat that liked going under covers like this but she's nuts about it.

I sure hope I don't squish her. She's pretty tiny
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Aw, my soul kitty that came into my life in 4th grade used to sleep beind my knees. I loved it, and never had a cat since who would do that. If she's got teeth or claws, I'd bet she'd warn you BEFORE she got totally squished!
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yeah, I bet she gives you a good bite before she gets too smashed!! I think that sounds pretty cute! She loves you!!
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i would really doubt you would roll over on her.
i am 6 foot 3 and 230 pounds. Eazy sleeps under the covers all the time. even at that age, i am sure she is fast enough to get out of the way..
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Kaylee does that, she comes under the covers and sleeps against my belly
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They learn pretty quick to get out of the way, and if they don't the claws or biting will wake you up all 3 of mine sleep under the covers and have since kittens they have never gotten squished.
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Arwen will find her way under my duvet cover, but only if I'm not in the bed with her...she prefers to have the whole thing to herself!

I will walk into my bedroom most days now to find a small lump under the covers where she has gotten underneath and curled up...
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Rocky will go under the covers occasionally if it's really cold or he thinks I need comforting. He's sensible enough to get out of the way if I change positions.
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Dushka has slept under the covers with me since she was 3 weeks old. There has never been a problem. Now Cinders has decided that she likes it there too, so I have one on each side, curled up against me. The others sleep on top.
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she would probally let you know if you where going to squish her
! oreo is the same she will climb under the blankets and bat at anything that goes my! encluding me and my mum!
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