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How to read microchips?

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The shelter cat I just got has a microchip (or so his adoption document says) but they didn't tell me what info is on his chip which renders it useless. Anyway to read it?
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you need a chip reader ... it will give you a number this either corrspond s with your name and phone or the shelter and you

likely your name and phone and the shelter name and phone
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When you adopted you should have filled out a form with all of your information on it that would then be sent to a database. Any shelter or vet can scan for a chip which would read a number. The number is called into the database and they will be given your information to reach you. SO, if you did not fill out a form like that, or don't remember doing so, I would call the place you adopted from and get it take care of.
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Another thing to remember folks, is that if you move, contact the chip organization to register your new address. We did this on-line when we moved.
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Most vets have chip scanners which will tell you the chip number, and the vet should be able to determine the manufacturer as well. There are several websites where the information can be registered so that it corresponds to your name and phone number. For example, my boys were given AVID chips at the shelter, and they are registered on this site:

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