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Animal communicator?

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A recent newsmagazine article reminded me of an individual who had a booth at a pet expo I went to a couple years ago. She bills herself as an "animal communicator" and claims to have a life-long talent of communicating with animals of all sorts. She went into business to help people with their domestic animal problems about 10 years ago. I'm considering contacting her to see if she can help Rocket. It's probably the only thing I haven't yet tried.

I can believe some individuals have a talent for communicating with animals. But she does it over the telephone? All she needs is a picture of the animal? I don't know.....sounds kind of hoky. A way to separate me from my money. So, I was wondering if anybody here has had any experience with this sort of therapy. What do you think? Should I go for it?
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I would have went NO way till I went to a pet fest ... I was looking for reptiles and reeling from Kandies passing a week earlier ... well a booth had some holistic books on it so I asked about something to aid the two greiving animals... and the translator said your dog has a liver issue... I had gotten the test results about 4 hours prior with Gigis diagnosis ... I will also be trying the phone as I want to know what Ben might tell
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My sister won a reading through a magazine that was done over the phone after she'd sent a photo. She said it was really good and it solved whatever problem she was having at the time.
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I have talked to 3 animal communicators, all over the phone only using photographs. They were all spot on. I was amazed really.

One told me that Easy found me because she knew I would keep her and her babies (she was a pregnant stray {actually feral}) that was amazing since I had not even discussed that Easy was the Mother to the rest on my kitties.

All 3 described their personalities to a T.
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Well, if I do it, I'll certainly let you guys know.
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Good luck Tim...
sending Rocket some calming vibes.
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Thanks!! If your vibes work, maybe I won't need the communicator!! Better yet, maybe you could be one. That way you can charge me for the vibes.
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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Thanks!! If your vibes work, maybe I won't need the communicator!! Better yet, maybe you could be one. That way you can charge me for the vibes.
There is an endless supply of free vibes here Tim.
They are powerful, I know that first hand.
Keep us updated about how Rocket is doing.
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Sounds crazy... Why not try a veterinary expert consulting service like

Believe me, I understand desperation. This is what I eventually resorted to and it was very helpful. Good luck!
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I'll check it out, thanks!!
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So I was just talking about this w/ a friend today. Her cat attacked anybody and everybody, including her, a lot! It had gotten so bad that she thought that she was going to have to put him down. But then she went to an animal psychic who told her why the cat had aggression issues and helped "work out" the aggression issues and the cat hasn't attacked anyone in 10 days (apparently that's practically unheard of in her house). So...i dunno...i guess it's worth a try. =) Check to see if they have some kind of "guarantee" where they say that they'll get results or keep trying till they do..That's what I've been thinking of doing w/ Luna and her peeing issue too...
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