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How Far Along?

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I really have no idea when Shinobi got pregnant, and I'm trying to get an idea of when to start confining her in preparation for labor... I'm hoping someone here can give me a general idea of how far she is by a description.

She's noticeably gained weight, got a big round potbelly now (she's a petite cat, so I assume it looks larger on her than most)... she's lost just a tiny bit of hair around her nipples... she's not really showing any signs of nesting, but she's gotten very affectionate and wants to spend every minute with me. I can feel the kittens kicking rather strongly, and Shinobi wants to have her belly rubbed all the time. There's been no discharge... other than her huge belly, I wouldn't know she was pregnant. The signs are contradicting each other; I would think with being as big as she is, she'd be close but nothing else shows that she is.

So, any idea?
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She sounds far along, if you can feel her kittens kicking "strong" with out having to PRESS on her belly, and you can actually view them moving her belly, she may be around 7 weeks, possibly even 8, actually, she may even be due soon.

Cats bellies drop near the time. Their boobs also begin to sorta hang, and feel like they have milk behind the nipples. Like little bags If she has bags, she may be due SOON.
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Well, I can feel them kick (and see them, occasionally) just by laying my fingers on her stomach. No sign of milk yet, though. And what's the average gestation time of a cat again?
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