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Does your cat get hairballs?

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I read every now and agian about hairballs. I've also noticed a lot of hairball rememdy stuff in the stores, but I don't think our cats get hairballs Am I crazy or do some cats not get hairballs? I use conditioning shampoo that is supposed to help with hairballs and they get a bath every month because I'm allergic to cats.
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Most of mine have never had hairballs. I keep a tube of the hairball stuff around, mostly because it's about the only "treat" Ophelia likes.
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Ophelia thinks it's a treat?! Ophelia is a lot different from my Leya, she'll eat ANYTHING!
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Ophelia is a psycho.

It might be the baths/regular grooming that helps prevent hairballs. I think a lot of people who have hairball issues in their cats don't groom them enough.
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I wondered if the baths were helping with that.
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I bathe Oliver once a month and brush him frequently, but he is still preen obsessed lol.. so right now, in heavy shed season, he's had a few hairballs... he basically only gets them around this time... I feel so bad for him when he's got one... He eats grass regularly and gets hairball treats, but if you see my thread in "whats new pussycat" I explain why the hairball goo is a no-go lol
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I think a lot of people who have hairball issues in their cats don't groom them enough.
More like their cats groom (bathe) themselves too much.
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Charlie doesn't tho its shedding season now and he has coughed up one after his bath when he's drying himself. He doesn't shed a lot, but I should start combing him once a week till the season is over.

I usually just give him some butter while he's washing himself after the bath - may get a small tube of the paste cause least time he didn't want the butter
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Yes, my cat does. Regular baths at the groomers keeps it under control. She will not let me groom her at all! :P
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Riley gets hairball paste weekly or he has problems with hairballs. He gets combed and the occasional bath, but he just has so much hair, plus he tends to eat furballs off the floor if I don't get them up quick enough, along with anything else he can find
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So it must be more of a problem for long haired cats? Enzo is our only slighty long haired cat, DMH.
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id never seen a hairball until i got chloe. id always had short haired kitties
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George gets the ocassional hairball. Since adding a daily "hairball treat" and wet food we're down to about 1 a month. He hates to be groomed (by me - he's constantly grooming himself) but I try as often as he'll let me (and I've tried all the tools!!).

Lucky for me - when there is a hairball, he usually hacks it up in the same general area! No surprises hiding for me
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