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Ow ow ow!

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John wanted to go out metal detecting in our back pasture this evening. He suggested we take the dogs with us to get some of their energy out, which was a good idea. The dogs ran and played and had a great time for quite awhile while John played with the metal detector.

Then we headed back towards the house. We were walking along fine with the dogs running alongside us. All of a sudden, Thunder and Scooter decided to start wrestling again... and slammed straight into me, knocking me off of my feet and straight down onto my butt.

Now my tail bone is nicely bruised and I can't sit down very well. I told John I didn't realize metal detecting was such a dangerous sport
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Aparently you've neve been metal detecting before

I hope your tail bone isn't broke!
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Oh hon, that does hurt! Well, I guess you just got to take it easy for a while to let it heal, and John will just have to take over the housework for a few days!
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Ugh, that sucks. I remember a few winters back, I was getting the dogs out of the pen, and Maggie (our yellow lab) decided to come running out of the pen even though the ground was pretty much ice. She came running a little too close to me and my feet slid and I fell about the same way.. I wasn't too happy, but it didn't hurt for very long..
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i hope your ok, just more proof that gravity is not your friend
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I feel a lot better today, just can't sit down too quickly . I'm just happy I didn't break anything!
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Oww.. need I say more. Hope it feels better soon.
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