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The third generation

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We moved to Ontario, not knowing our little one had gotten in to some mischief before we left. She surprised us with kittens at the end of February. I am suffering withdrawal, as they were taken away to new homes a couple weeks ago and I miss my little furballs. She had four... surprising for a first litter I hear.

Surprisingly none of the kittens were double pawed. Mom was, Grandma was, Auntie was. . .

We nicknamed them accordingly.

The cutest one of all. Blackie aka Ewok. We miss this little one the most. Considered keeping her, but knew we couldn't handle it.

Two of the kids hanging out with grandma. Very adorable that grandma would babysit while mom was off eating or sitting on my lap for a break.

This is Speedy, the only male. The first one to stray from the nest and go running around the house when they learned to walk.

This is Anne Junior, because she looked most like her mom and was the only shorthaired. Check out the colouring. Weird.
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They are sooo adorable.
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i LOVE ewok. what a BEAUTIFUL furbaby
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Oh my goodness are they cute or what!!. Their so fluffy
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Awwww, so cute!!
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OMG where is the cuteness warning! Ewok is aborable, ooh I just want to sunngle em. Oooh and there all so fluffy.
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Anne Junior is so fuzzy!
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OMG! Look at little Ewok! Of course, I'm partial because my big black furball is named after THE Ewok from Return of The Jedi... Wickett. I can understand why you miss them!
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Our Wickett was named after the Ewok, too. He looked just like him, when he was small.
post #10 of 13 fluffy..too cute for words! I love them kitties when they are round and fluffy that way. Just total meltdown there!
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Ewok. . . it still makes me sad that I will never see her again. I will never see her grow into a cat... granted another CAT is exactly what we didn't want, so that in our minds we were able to give them up. Never again! The vet money is still in the bank, momma is getting done asap.

It would have been neat to have the three generations in the house though. Spooky is Anne's mom. It would be Spook, Anne, and Ewok. . . aw.

Oh well.

The top picture of Ewok and Junior was the one we used for the Free Kitties poster. The poster wasn't even on the wall and we had people in the lineup at the grocery store saying "You have kittens?" A young couple took our number right there and went back to the shopping, bought new food and litter and called us that night and took little Speedy away! The next day a nice cat lady took our Ewok, she seemed like a genuine cat lover. She had a canvas purse with two fluffy cat pictures on the front. Glad Ewok is with the best crazy cat lady in Ontario. She even called back later to ask when the exact birthdate was. Either for personal reasons, birthday bashes... or maybe to be able to give a date to the vet.
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I can see why you miss them...just precious
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