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Back again with Gray Cat.

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Well everyone, I think she is expecting again. I know, this is getting to be silly. As you know, she bred with the males from the 4th to about the 9th. I was suppose to get her spayed last week, but as I'm going thru a feral group, we were bumped for a full paying customer. Now we can't get her in for another week or so. At this point we have decided to let her continue, then get her and the kittens fixed before they go to their new homes. If she has more than we have homes for, we are going to keep them. If I don't see signs for sure that she is expecting, she will be spayed before the time would be up for a false pregnancy. Her nipple base is pink, and about 3/4 up the nipple itself. The very tip is still kinda pale. Also, this time I am able to see some of the other nipples and not just the back 2. it looks as if the hair is starting to thin out. My normal vet (the one I use for my dogs), said that he thought the last time was a false pregnancy as she only mated that one day. He said most of the time it takes several matings and several days to insure ovulation. She lost her wide belly that she had before, so I should be able to see if she starts to get bigger.
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IMO I'd just get her spayed whether or not she's pregnant. But that's your decision to make. You honestly don't need more babies to be born with no homes. Its a lot less expensive to spay her now, then worry about spaying/neutering all the kittens and getting them shots!
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I agree with you about having her spayed. Hubby, on the other hand, is against it at this point. We have 4 people who want her kittens, and if she has more, then we are going to keep them ourselves. We have lots of acreage as we have a farm. The kittens and mom will not leave the house until they are fixed. I'm also working with the TNR group to get the males that have decided to move in here also. If we could have done it last week it would have been ok.
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Then I will send vibes that she is ok to deliver. Hope everything turns out ok.
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I appreciate the good vibes. I love this girl very much. I wouldn't do anything to harm her, and as I wasn't able to get her fixed in time, it is my responsibility to take care of her and any kittens that she has. If I find out she is not pregnant, she will be spayed before she has time to meow. Every other animal I have has been fixed. The ferals I take in from the TNR group are all, of course, fixed. same with all my dogs, and horses. Keeping that in mind, I am excited that she is expecting, and I'm hoping that when she has kittens, that I can get my 3 senior dogs to accept it, and that way, I can have an indoor cat. It is kinda selfish of me, but I am only human. lol... If she isn't expecting, and it is another false alarm, then I'll be fostering, and if she is expecting, then when they have all been fixed, etc, then I'll still foster as I have the perfect set up to do it.
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You know you could get your husband to read some of these threads on WHY its more important to spay her now then to let her have the kittens. If that doesn't work, you can hit him over his head with a 2 x 4
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Let's see, I do have a 2x4. It would only be considered justifiable homicide. lol Well, if she is, then I think I can get my inside cat. If she isn't, then I'll foster, and get one that way. Hubby wants to call GC Yoda. She is wise beyond her age. He is just so taken with her. Either way, she will be spayed, if not in the next few weeks, (if she's not), or as soon as possible after she has the kittens. I've never seen him take to a cat like he has with her. That may have something to do with it. And......he is a guy
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I'm glad I have the exception to the typical guy - he's really a good advocate (due to me and my influence) on why its so important to be neutering and spaying!
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