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Cats and the Toilet

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Something odd that I never really noticed until I lived alone for a bit and would leave the bathroom door open a little when I was in there. The cats would always come in and watch the toilet flush.

When I do close the door they wait outside and come in when I open the door. When someone goes upstairs for any reason they follow us.

And now, when I flush, they get very angry with me it seems. Sticking their heads all the way in the bowl. They don't drink from the bowl like a dog would, but they always have their heads in there.

Anyone else notice anything similar with their cats?
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One of our cats really likes watching the toilet flush -- I always assumed that he just enjoyed watching the water move so unusually. He also likes watching us pour water into his dish.
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Our cats are obsessed with our toilet! Paddington always follows us into the bathroom and just waits for that moment of flushing. It is the moving water - cats are attracted to 'fresh' water (movement = fresh). Our cats, however, do often drink out of the toilet (especially Steve) even though there is always a fresh bowl of water right next to the bathroom.
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I have raised three toilet lovers of different degree's. We leave our bathroom door open at all times because thats where their food and litter is kept. Anyways here is how each of my cats are with the toilet.

Wicked- loves to watch the toilet flush. Thats about the extent of her obsession.

Quincy- Loves to watch the toilet flush he also enjoys to drink from it. It doesent bother me at all. And besides he can open the toilet lid on his own lol.

Smidgeon- Well lets just say a toilet isn't a toilet to Smidgeon. Its a indoor swimming pool! He loves to watch it flush, drink from it, bat his paws in it, and jump down and just of run around/roll around in it. He's a full bathtub lover too. Oh and he loves to play in water bowls .
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Thank god I dont have a cat that does this.
I was watching the news this week and a man
was trying to figure why his water bill was so high.
Called out the plumbing, water company, changed meter etc....
Well come to find out, they had video in bathroom
His cat was flushing toilet, watching the water in the
bowl and flushing again!!! Very funny thing
to see
He now keeps since his bathroom door closed
Silly kitty.
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My girls love to watch the water when we flush. They will run in there and even before you sit down, put their faces in the bowl! We have to move them and then they spend their time tickling my hip with their whiskers.

We keep the lid down since we have a bleach tablet in the tank and we don't want them drinking the water. We have their litterbox in there, so closing the door is not an option when not in use.
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the kittens i had did this. they would come running when the toilet flushed. and if you like left a tissue in there when u went back in, the tissue would be all over the about gross
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Interesting behaviour. I never thought of cats and toilet water. They don't enjoy the tub water. I think they know . But the do love sink water. Now that I think of it, when I go to the kitchen and run the water for dishes or whatever they come meowing. This makes me check their water dish and it's usually full so I tell them to chill out, they have food and water.

Fresh water. How many of you have the cat/dog fountain that plugs in to the wall?
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Our cats don't watch the water (mainly because the toilet seat is down when we flush it) but they love sitting on the seat. It's actually a bit bizarre because even when you are having a shower, there is usually a cat just sitting there......staring........
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Fussy-Butt is our water obsessed cat - he likes to watch the toilet flush and will some time try to get the toilet paper with his paw - then he gets mad because his paw gets wet - Fussy gives a dirty look to any one who dares to use his toilet for "solids"

Fussy also like to sleep in the toilet lid and gets miffed and flits his tail when removed from his thrown. . .

Fussy like water he love to watch all water run - sink water, hose water bath water - oh the bath thing

It is just my husband and I here so Gary used to bathe with the door open but Fussy likes to walk around the tub rim when ever any one is in there bathing - some times Fussy mis-steps and ends up in the tub himself - a wet 13 pound cat full of hair really doesn't add the desired ambiance to the bathing ritual - so Gary learned to shut the door before getting in the tub

It only took a week for Fussy to learn to run in the bathroom and hide the minute he hears the tub water running. Fussy will remain hidden until after the door is shut {presumingly shutting him on the other side} and the human is fully soaked and soaped - then he emerges from hiding to do his tub rim run and splash - escape to do it again.

I don't know how many times Gary has screamed at me to come get my {censored} cat. . . . throughly convinced I should be the one with the big brain I have learned to shut the bathroom door before I even turn the tub water on . . . but to get husband to do it in that order may take a few more Fussy fur baths. This is an old house so we do not have a shower - although it would be interesting to see what Fussy did with water falling from the ceiling -
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