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Stray Cat Trouble?

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I live in Bahrain where they hate cats...Unfortunatley there is no RSPCA and most cats arent neuterd. I Have 5 and their extreemly teritorial; We put their food out in the kitchen and there is a cat flap in the kitchen, when were not looking there are 2 stray cats that come in:

We call them Simbad and Ginger Bugger, they eat all the food it's worse at night. They wake us up if we leave em' out so we put them in the kitchen but the 2 strays always come in and fight. It gets worse everyweek.

This morning things were on the floor and our cats had...made a poo in the corner because they were scared.

The worst of all though is Nigel had his leg sprained because of it, I don't know what to do with the strays. Is there any trick to keeping them away?
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Glad you found TCS - hope we can help!

The only thing I can think of is to figure a way to "lock" the cat door in place at night so your kitties are in and the strays can't get in. ?????

If they come in at all different times, what about getting rid of the cat flap, and making your kitties indoor only? Many of us have cats that are indoor only. They need some extra attention - especially play time from you. Putting up perches where they can lie in front of a window and watch the goings on outside. We put up bird feeders, and it works like "cat TV."!! Ours are very happy as indoor-only kitties. You may go through an adjustment period - but it can work.

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Is it possible to change your cats' feeding schedule and feed them only in the daytime? I assume your cats go outside? Are they neutered? Perhaps you can train them to stay indoors at night so you can lock the cat flap?
I can understand why the strays are persistent. They are hungry and as you said, they have a hard time surviving in a cat-unfriendly environment.
Originally Posted by CatsRSweet
Is there any trick to keeping them away?
In my experience, the best way to keep strange cats out is your own cats. I have 11 indoor/outdoor cats. 3 of the older ones are pretty good at protecting their territory and teaching the rest too.
However, Laurie has given you great advise and hopefully others may be able to give you more suggestions.
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I vote for locking the cat flap at night or putting some thing over it so they can not get in Another possibility is maybe putting some food and fresh water out side for the strays . . . .if they have their own they may not see the need to come inside. . .

I have a feral male who will get very close to the house when he is hungry or thirsty - although I do not move my water bowel in the late afternoon early evening I give the feral male some small handfulls of food but place them away from the house - but out of site. I put the food in some pallets my husband has stacked out back I see him hiding out there often. He still wants to mate with my females but he isn't as aggressive toward my fixed male kitty after I began leaving food out for him too - he does still come up to get a drink but he is better behaved. . hungry cats will fight for their food just like we would if we were in the same predicament

Only two of my four cats go outside and they normally come in just before bedtime and stay in for the night. . . Gary thought leaving food out would make the feral worse but it seems to have done just the opposite - I could be wrong in this approach but knock on wood so far so good. . . now if I just knew some one with one of those cat traps so I could relieve the feral of his reproductive needs . . . .
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