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Cloverfield (2008)

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Im sure you guys already discussed this movie but...


I just watched it... for the first time.. and its the best movie i have EVER seen!!!! I mean it was better than Good Luck Chuck and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and OMG!!!! better than Dawn of the Dead!!!!!
I have never had a movie... not even Dawn of the Dead... make me almost cry out of fear!!!! I totally felt what they felt!!! I know that sounds crazy but its true!!! I dont even know what to say to describe how I felt about the movie except... Scared!!!! and I love the way it was filmed, makes it feel even scarier!!
So as of now... this movie tops all my faves and is now my #1 fave movie EVER!!!
Idk if anyone else felt this way about the movie... and if you havnt than I know I sound pretty crazy... but THIS MOVIE IS AWSOME!!!! I dont even care that idk what happened afterward... all I know is I love this movie!!!
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I watched the movie last week and I really didn't care for it. I liked a little bit of the middle of it, but that's about it. When it was all the action, it was okay, but the whole movie was kinda blah. I especially didn't like the end; IMO it kind of left it dead ended. I really didn't like the way it was filmed. There were a couple times I had to look away from the bouncing of the camera cause I was starting to get a headache. IMO if it was filmed a different way, it may have been a little better.
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the first 30 min of the movie should have hit the floor in the editing room.
should not be looking at my watch to see how much longer the movie had to go, and the movie had just started.

What would have maybe saved it all the way, would have been, showing you more of the monster(which was really a silly looking one to start with). They could have done it , as a TV news cast.
like someone mother was watchign it on TV.

1) i like monster movies-
2) i liked that they did something different.
3) no issue with the ending of the movie. i am sick to death of the scripted happy endings they have been doing for the last 15 years

however if they had changed a couple of things it would have been much better,
not something almost put me to sleep
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I saw bits and pieces as my dad and a friend were watching it. It seem like a pointless movie to me and a waste of money. I told him to never buy a movie he hadn't seen before.
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Actually I thought the movie was pretty good as well..Definitely out of the ordinary which is nice for a change..
Yes it was a bit ho-hum in a couple of spots but over-all it kept my attention.
Certainly one of the better monster flicks in the last few years..
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Actually I thought the movie was pretty good as well..Definitely out of the ordinary which is nice for a change..
Yes it was a bit ho-hum in a couple of spots but over-all it kept my attention.
Certainly one of the better monster flicks in the last few years..
Probably why I didn't like it. I don't care for monsters.
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Haven't seen it, but I have wanted to...
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I thought it was a great movie!
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OMG!! I absolutely LOVED this movie! I am a horror movie fanatic and I’ve seen it all but this movie was that first movie in a long time that actually had me scared and tense throughout most of it.

We saw it in the theater I have to say one of the best flicks I’ve seen in a long time (Best movie before that was 28 weeks later).

I agree… This movie kicked butt! Going to buy it very soon.
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I loved this movie. The way it was filmed gave it a more authentic feeling. Right now Cloverfield is my second favorite movie. My #1 movie is called "[REC]". It is quite possibly the scariest movie ever made. And unlike a lot of the crap that has been coming out lately, it uses suspense instead of loud noises and pop ups to achieve fear. And like Cloverfield, it is filmed with a more amateur approach and really adds to the authenticity of it. It's a Spanish movie to if you don't speak Spanish, make sure you get a version of it with sub-titles if you decide to watch it. I highly recommend it.
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Haha!!! I LOVE Horror movies too!!! my family lives off them in a kinda of weird way

I think they showed more of the monster than most monster movies... its cool when you dont know what it is!! And I liked how they added the mini monsters!!
The reason why I dont mind the ending is if you look at the very beginning and at the end when the credits come up it says something like "Property of the US Army, Do Not Duplicate" which means someone had to have survived ((weather they killed the monster or not)) because the tape was found.

Yes.. I liked it a lot cause it was very different.. but thats what we need!!! It scared me better than Dawn of the Dead ((which is now my #2 fave movie)) and we saw that in theaters!! soo yea.. overall... Awsome!!!

I watched it twice yesterday.. the one time before posting this thread and again with my mom late last night.. and she liked it too! and it still scared the crap out of me even though it was my second time watching it!!
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