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My Stray Cat

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Hey folks,

I posted a while back about a cat i found that was about 8 months old. This was back in September of 07. Well i still have the cat, she hangs around with me at work. Ive taken her to the vet, she is already spade, got all her shots, ect. I keep her fed, and she is content to sleep outside or inside the machine shop where i work. She is a good cat basically, she has moods, sometimes she is in lovable moods, sometimes she runs when you try to pet her, other times when she is inside the shop you could pet her till whenever, she doesn't mind. Ive been thinking about getting her some Cat grass, i think the grass she eats outside makes her puke every so often. And i have seen her eating it. Also i can't figure out what she likes to play with. I got her a scratching post like thing, she ignores it, ive gotten catnip and toys, she ignores them, she would rather chase around leaves and bugs outside. Can i ever have any hopes of making this cat friendlier and more social, or is she doomed to be a sometimes nice/other times mean kitty. She does like to chase the laser pointer, that is her only thing she does like. I should go to the store and see if i can find any toys that move, she seems to like moving targets. IF anyone has any ideas please feel free. Thanks
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My cats eat grass, and rarely puke. Usually it's if they have a cold, otherwise they eat grass and nothing happens. But since your cat is a new pet, her digestive system is probably adjusting to dry cat food and not birds and such.
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Is she mostly an outdoor kitty still? If so, I don't know about the toys. Of our little feral gang, one of the kittens enjoyed playing with a furry mouse that had something inside of it that made it rattle - but he was kitten age.

Actually, when people rescue ferals and bring them inside to socialize them, we recommend "natural" toys like leaves and sticks and stuff! Cats often like very simple toys - like a long piece of leather that you make wiggle like a snake (but don't leave it down - it's interactive only - ferals tend to eat stuff like that and it can cause problems) - or a ball of paper or tin foil they can bat around. Or the rings off a milk bottle.

As to the grass? Our kitties would sometimes eat it and throw up. Often it was hairballs though, so I guess it helped with that. ?? If she's still got access to the outside, I don't know if there's any way to get her to eat "cat grass" (which is basically barley) vs. outdoor grass. She certainly may like it better!

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Hey thanks for the info...
Actually.. she does like to chew and play with sticks and leaves from outside.
And the laser pointer as i said.
Today when i was leaving work i found 3 kittens in the middle of the road. One black one with blue eyes, and 2 tiger stripes, but one of the tiger stripe ones had an eye infection, pretty bad one too. One of the girls at work took one of the tiger stripes, i took the others to a no kill shelter up the road from here. Makes me feel good to help poor animals like that, so they can get a second chance. I shoulda took my cat to the no kill shelter and took the black kitty instead . Heh but i can't afford to start all over with another cat.. specially if it isn't neutered like mine is.
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What a wonderful thing. I'm amazed the no kill shelter had room!

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