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I need some of your expert advice.....

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Today we will be adopting a 2 yr old calico, Callie. She belongs to a close
friend of mine, who will be moving and can't take any animals. My friend is
not doing well at all, (if you know what I mean) her cancer has returned and she is going to move where a cousin lives to at least be with some family, the apartment she will be moving to doesn't allow pets. so I told her I would take Callie. I know it is so sad!! But I need to know the best way to introduce her to my 3? any advice is greatly appreciated! thanks
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This is a really good place to start. You'll find some excellent information.

How great it is of you to care for your friend and her cat. If you need any further help, just come on back and ask.
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thanks so much! I know I will need it ! I'm not doing anything any different than anybody else! She is on her way here right now and I know I am going to bawl my eyes out! I can't do that infront of Jace, we have told him , she was going for a few months. He just doesn't need more worries of the adult life, he has had more than most kids have to deal with ever. he just doesn't need to know she is dying he will worry himself sick if he did! anyway wish me luck and say a prayer! I'll need it!!!
thanks again!
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Monique, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.

But what a wonderful thing you're doing.

Keep her in a separate room for as long as it takes. Get a t-shirt, rub her all over with it, and put it under your other kitties food dish. Rub your other kitties with a t-shirt, and put it under her food dish. This will help them associate each others' scent with "good" things. I'd consider getting some feliway spray - it'll help de-stress everyone. You may want to consider some Bach's Rescue Remedy for her transition (dab it behind her ears and put it in her water dish). You can probably find it cheaper somewhere else, but it is available here: http://www.catfaeries.com

Let them get used to the scent and sound of each other - and give her a little while to get used to her new room and new family. When she's made the room "her" territory, then you can let them sniff each other through the door, or bring them in one at a time for 15 minutes of supervised attention or something.

Another thing you can do is get a couple of new catnip toys. Give one to her and let her drool all over it. Let one or several of your other cats drool all over the other one. Then pick them up. A week later, give her the one some of your kitties drooled on, and give your kitties the one she drooled on.

Praise the kitties for not hissing at the door or for any not negative interaction. Maybe keep some new toys handy for when you start making the intros - help your gang to think it's a total party having the new kitty around.

And give your current kitties lots of love and attention. I don't know if your other three are girls or boys, but our boys are always very good with new intros and it isn't a problem - but the girls always take a lot of time to adjust. Spooky takes 6 months before she'll stop swatting and hissing at newbies - but she doesn't go out of her way to attack them or anything. But trust me - even if there's hissing and swatting at first, even if Callie's in her own room with a slow intro, it may happen. Just let them work it out as long as no one looks to get hurt.

Good luck!

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I am so sorry to hear about your friend. She will be in my prayers.

The slow introduction is the best, especially if you have a tempermental or territorial cat already there (or if the new one is like that). When I had my first cats, I didn't know about that method and basically told the resident cats "here's your new sister/brother" and let them work it out on their own. There was hissing and posturing the first few days, but eventually everyone settled down and became, if not friends, at least housemate that tolerated each other.

I think a lot of times it depends on their personalities and temperment. I tried the separate room method with one cat, and it stressed her out more. She could smell the other cats but was irratated because she couldn't see them. Once I let her out and formal intros were made and she could get to know the others, she was fine.

Just be prepared...even with the slow intro, once they get together there will probably still be some hissing because they have to reorganize the hierachy of their little group.

Congrats on the new addition, and can't wait to see pics!!
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Thanks so much for the kind words about my friend Yvette! Thank you for including her in your prayers! That is precious to me! We just got back from going out to eat, and I can't say that I know that I will ever see her again!
she is so strong, and amazing, she doesn't complain, and she saids she doesn't even want to talk about her condition! She just flirted innocently,
with the waiter, and he was perfect, he just flirted right back! I just wonder if I would be acting like that if it were me? I toldly respect her! and I'm going to miss her! I will stay in touch with her defiantely, anyway, Callie went into my closet shortly after she came and has been asleep in there ever since.
She hasn't got up to eat or use the bathroom yet! should I be considered?
Jace has been in there talking sweet, and loving on her! I will take pictures,
sometime, she is beautiful! Yvette bless her heart, she has had to make some
really tough choices this week, and deal with it, on top of everything else!
Just when you start to think your own life sucks! God makes obvious to me
how thankful I really need to be! thanks for everything and I'll let everyone know updates about the cats!

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