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Fav Toy

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whats you cats favorite toy? my cat likes her green hat(mini) and her mini pink skirt! all products of my old dolls!
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Kelly: milk rings
Luke: q-tip
Pooch: pipe cleaner
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patchys is probably the long felt string with a handle (we call it the stringy thing)

chloes is probably the pop up cube and cave. this morning i folded up the cave and put it in the box (im packing up to move) and chloe looked *heartbroken* and just totally freaked out. she started running around and attacking everything -- including patches and myself. this went on nonstop for 20 min until my mom pulled her cave out of the box, popped it open and sat it down.

chloe was fine. i guess i underestimated just how much she loves that thing LOL
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I have two boys who have been together since birth. Their favorite toys are each other! Second prize goes to their scratch pad (I forget what the proper name is, but it's a big plastic thing with a groove and a ball on the outside and a space in the middle to put a big hunk of cardboard).

Although I have been finding their toy mice in the bathroom when I get up in the morning, when I know they were in the living room the night before.
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