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Vibes for my DH's cousin

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I know Ive posted before about needing for Rachael, but I think she could use some more! Some of you know that she's battling with cancer that is now spread through out her body. She had a baby in October, a little girl named Makayla, and then found out she had Melanoma again. Im posting a link to her cancer journel, if you could send some good that would be great! At this point they know its not treatable, but they're trying to make her time more comfortable. Heres the link

when you go there it will re direct you to the new page, so dont think you're at the wrong spot, they just made a new page for her...
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Would she want to join a Cancer Group that I am in. They really are nice people there. My husband has Leukemia. His ex wife has the same Cancer as your Husbands Cousin. She got it from Tanning Beds. Prayers for his cousin.
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Hoping for a miracle for her...
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My gosh, how sad i am sending many prayers and vibes for her.

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Oh man, that is so awful! I am so sorry to hear that. Here are some vibes for Rachael. I surely hope she licks it!
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Sending tons of vibes
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Its a very sad ordeal... have you guys read the journel yet?? That was the saddest to me... I feel so bad and theres not a darn thing anyone can do to help!
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Mews2much~ Thank you for your support! I appreciate you posting the story in that cancer group you belong to! People have posted in her guestbook, which will make her happy (when shes coherint of course) and for those of you who havn't read the latest update, they're moving her to hospice tomarrow morning at 10am. They say without food and with the very little hydration she's had, she will be gone in 1-2 weeks! Life is so crazy... one of the worlds sweetest people, who just wanted to be a mommy got her wish and is now dying!
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I just posted that part in the Cancer Group.
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Just thought Id let everyone know she passed away, its not in her journel yet but Im sure it will be later... I will probably be gone for a few days, I think Ill leave tomarro, not sure though, Dont have anything else to say
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I just posted it in the Cancer Groups for you.
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I am so sorry to hear of such sad, sad news. Many, many condolences.

RIP, dear Rachael.

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People have told me today that Im in the anger part of grieving, Im not really so sure where Im at with it. I can't understand why she couldn't have at least made it to her first mothers day, hers daughters first steps, frist tooth, or first birthday. I just dont see all this as fair, she had so much love to give, and everyone who knew her loved her dearly, because she was so sweet and caring. Her husband and parents and sister did a wonderful job taking care of her at the end. Along with her went her parents dog, Max, also my DH's dog Buddy, and a great aunt. Today has not been the greatest day in the world. I just dont think Rachael should have had to die so young, maybe god needed her to be with her other baby, who was stillborn in 2006, who she will be buried next too. Life is so unfair sometimes, I dont think she got a fair crack at it either!
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i am sorry to hear about Rachael.
and no life is not fair. The people we love and care about there time is always much to short
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Imp~ isn't that the truth!

Thank you to those who have taken the time to read and reply to my thread, my heart feels broken, and once again Im quite sure Im invisible
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I do not blame you for feeling Mad. When my Mom died I threw my Cell Phone and it hit the wall. I felt so cheated. It will take a while not to be mad. Bdays and Holidays are the Worst. I am here for you anytime if you need to talk.
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