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Suspected UTI

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So yesterday my room mate called and said one of the cats had peed on some clothes that were in the floor.
So I ran by a petstore on the way home and got some first alert litter that alerts you to a possible UTI and sure enough it turned blue. But of course whoever did it peed after we went to bed so we have no clue who has it, but we are suspecting Kahlua. So we are going to get an appointment at the vet asap and get her in. But I just wanted to ask what I should expect while at the vet, and what the possibilities are for treatment.
Also if any has worked better for some than others!
Also a rough estimate of price would be nice.
We are going to get more of the litter stuff and keep it here and we will be checking the litter box after EVERY cat has used it to try to narrow it down as to who has the infection. *sigh*
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They'll test a urine sample. It can be gotten via squeezing the bladder by the vet, or by a needle into the bladder.

Anti-biotics will be the treatment, sometimes 14 days, sometimes 21 days depending on what anti-biotic. If there are crystals present in the urine, then they will need to be on the Rx diet only (no treats, nothing but the specific diet to dissolve the crystals).
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well I got her to the vet but no uti just some inflamation. So dunno whats going on with her!
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Coco had a few of them. Has your Cat ever had a Uti before. Coco had Blood and Inflamation until March this last time. Now she is fine.
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