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Saturday's DT

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Ahh,5 AM and I can't sleep!I will get sleepy about 8 Am and have to take a nap.Good thing I don't have to work anymore. Not alot going on today.As must of you know,about Ted's mom,how she called Wenesday crying and makeing us run down there,well she called 2 times yesterday begging Ted to go down there,Ted called the nurses station and they said she has would't take her med.s ,but she had told him they would't give her any,so he talked to her again and told her flat out she had to take them,and he was not coming down there when all she wants is his inention![sp]She thinks if she calles crying he is going to run down there,it can not happen anymore.She thinks that if she tells him she is in pain and they won't give her anything he will come down and take her out of there. Sorry.I ranted ! Everyone have a good day.
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Sherral, it is 3.25 am here in San Francisco, and i can't sleep as well.

i gave mom a call,and felt so comforted after. Just hearing her voice just makes me smile and happy. Mom's love is no. 1 in the whole wide world! Also, mothers know best. She truly knows me inside out.

i was shocked to learn that N. Korea is preparing for war against U.S. Apparently, their main concern is that U.S. will be targeting them next, after Iraq. Oh dear.. hopefully, this is NOT going to lead to III world war!

All is so serene and quiet now. i pray that all is well for all nations all over, and for the soldiers at war.

i guess i shall be surfing the net for several hours before reaching dreamland.

Have a happy Saturday, y'all!

Take care and many hugs and kisses!

Cheers! (substitute beer with wine goblets please..
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It's 3:32 a.m. here in Victoria. I'm going to brush my teeth and read my book and try to sleep. I'll get up about noon and start preparing for work ~ again. I'm getting really sore from all the heavy lifting and crud I have to do. It's so different from night shift. But on night shift I had to stay awake at night, which is no problem for me, but I can't get those shifts anymore, so I'll have to do with these. I like the shift, but whoa can it ever be hard on the body. and I have no tub to soak in afterwards. Darrell suggested renting a hotel room at the hotel where he works, I'm thinking of taking him up on it. He gets a good staff rate, so it would be worth it! I feel better already just thinking about it.

ok, talk to you guys around noon today.
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Have a good night's rest, Tamme..

i wish you sweet dreams.

Have a great day at work.

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I actually slept until 6:00. Rowdy seems to have come down, from the full moon nad didn't wake me up too early.

Nothing much going on here. We've got a load of laundry going already and will probably go get groceries.

Warm and sunny - hooray!
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slept a bit late this morning. stayed up late last night reading and chatting. no real plans today. need to clean and get groceries.

hope everyone has a good day!
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well i woke up at about 9:30 a.m., put on my runners and a sweater, grabbed my water, flipped the coffee on and went for a 10 minute walk.

now i'm sitting here with coffee, listening to music and working on breathing relaxation techniques. maybe i'll get up and dance around a bit with the cats before my back gives out!

i'm making cookies, general housekeep, writing and just hanging out with my cats, today.

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Today has been me vs. the lawn, armed only with my trusty sprayer of RoundUp. If all goes well, it should be dead by tomorrow. Then comes the resodding and the general landscaping.
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Originally posted by Deb25
Today has been me vs. the lawn, armed only with my trusty sprayer of RoundUp. If all goes well, it should be dead by tomorrow. Then comes the resodding and the general landscaping.
yah, and maybe you should get your a$$ on MSN someday soon ~!
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I went to a college open house today. It was really neat.

I take back every shallow and stupid remark I've ever said about cheerleaders. They put on an awesome performance today... I was really surprised that there were girls of every size and shape. It was pretty cool! They were amazing.

Got tons of info about nursing, etc. I'm a lot happier now because I've found an after school math program that doesn't cost anything!! I should be able to get my 30% up now. The people there are really nice, and none of them laughed at my silly questions. ("Er... I know we learned this in ninth grade, but...how do you complete the square again?")

The open house was great, but I'm feeling kind of sick because my friends and I went out for lunch, then we went out for ice cream, and then we bought two big bags of candy for the way home. Needless to say, my stomach is not happy at all. Ouch. But it's my fault because it's all self inflicted.
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Jen - I've done that too many times - my stomach hurts in sympathy!

WE HAVE BEAUTIFUL WEATHER TOO!!!! It was sunny and in the 60s! We played in the yard today. Jeanie warned me not to muck up the mud or it'll turn into rock - but we whacked away anyway. We want to dig up a big section. It had become so compacted the grass couldn't grow, and it's not just a question of reseeding it. So we started digging out all the rocks and roots and.... we're muddy and happy!

We ran Tuxedo's bed over to him (and Thanksgiving) today.

I'm sure in the near future we'll have to head to Chicago (where FIL lives) for several weeks. It is SO EXPENSIVE to bring the cats, we've decided to board them where Tuxedo and Thanksgiving are. Our plan now is that Susan (the owner of the Cat Chalet) can socialize our kids with Tuxedo while they're all there (she has been so great with Tuxedo and Thanksgiving). We can come home, clean the house from top to bottom so most of the cat smells are gone, and then bring Tuxedo home with the rest of the gang. It just might work.

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Oohh... smart thinking Laurie... I hope it works!
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