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Spotted a cougar this morning!

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Out by our creek of all places! I saw it this morning when I went to do the feeding. Looked like a baby, which means mom is nearby somewhere. Wondered why the horses were acting so spooky and nervous now I know! I do love wildlife, and I wouldn't harm this cat, but I hope to God it goes back up in the hills. Our neighbor has baby calves out and that is easy prey for these big prey. But man, it sure was beautiful, had a darker belly than I have ever seen before on a cougar. Of course, this is the first time I have seen one out in the wild and not in a sanctuary or zoo.
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Oh that is awsome! I too hope that they move along so they do not cause harm to any livestock! I have seen a few boars, bears, lots of deer, and a few foxes!
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I love cougars and all large cats. The Cougar is the mascot for our church's school SAINT LOUIS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY COUGARS ! (a shameless plug)

There is a Cats of Prey sanctuary near St. Louis where they treat injured or abused cougars, lions, tigers, bobcats, etc. I love to go there and watch the stately beauties. When ever they can they try to re-introduce them to the wild. Just last year they had twin white tiger cubs born and they were just precious!

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Wow Hissy.. what an incredible site that must have been!

My mother lives in a neighborhood that is surrounded by a Forest (in Oregon). It was an amazing place to grow up. The wilderness is all around and seeing deer is never a surprising site. You can hear coyotes and other amazing wild animal noises. One morning as we were waking up, the dogs were freaking out and wanted out in the backyard. We let them out and they were picking up a very strong sent. With further investigation we noticed that her glass picnic table was shattered, the little kids swimming pool was shredded and there were claw marks in the ground that could only belong to a large animal. We called animal control to find out what the marks were. He said it appeared to be from a Puma. A few nights later we saw the puma in the back yard. It was thrilling to see this beautiful creature so close. Never saw it again, after that but the image burns stong in my memory!
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i love all wildlife too, especially any in the Cat Family

but i have to say, wild creatures, like cougars, bears, and the like,
are a huge fear of mine

i would probaly faint from the fear.

this is why i can never live in any type of farm country, unless i felt
it was safe enough to go outside without a chaperone :laughing:
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Oh I LOVE cougars (AKA Mountain Lions, Wildcats, Pumas) They are my favorite of the big cats (although I love them all). This has absolutley NOTHING to do with the fact that our high school mascot is the Wildcat and our college mascot is the Cougar! I am sure there used to be cougars around here at one time, but they are long gone now. I do hope the one you saw goes back into the hills. If it gets to someone's livestock surely they will kill it
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