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Help with newborn

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I rececieved an orphaned newborn on Mon. He must of only been 2-3 days old. He loves to eat!! I think I fed him too much and he developed runny poop. He now weighs 4oz. He gained a 1/2 oz overnight. I am now feeding him 1tsp.every 4 hours. Is this the correct amount and help his little butt settle down?
Thanks Ollies mom
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What are you feeding him?
Has he been to the vet?
What are you feeding him with?

Can you post a picture or tell us more about his eyes/ears/behavior...

I do not know much about kittens. I hope that a more knowledgeable person responds.

There are some great websites that can give you advice. They are at the top of the forum.
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Iam feeding him just born formula from a small bottle with a nipple. He sukkles very well. I have not taken him to the vet yet because I do not want to expose him to germs. But I have spoken to the vets office. His eyes are still closed and his ears are starting to come up. Also he has 2 very small canine teeth on the top. He purrs, moves around alot and seems to be healthy. I just wanted to know if I am doing everything I am suppose to do and doing it correctly.
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Here is a very good link written by resident TCSers. It will help you age your kitten and has how-to's for every stage of your little one.

Good luck! And we'd love to see some pictures if you can!
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