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Daily Thread Thurs May 1st!

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Morning my friends!

Going up to only 11 degrees today with some rain I think I wish Spring would come back!

I have alot to do tonight because tomorrow night I have final interviews for a new staff person at work. Litterboxes, laundry, clean, pack..etc..I hate this part of travelling. I am pumped though too!

Anyway, I hope you all have a good one today!
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I didn't get in until 11.15.p.m last night so i never got anything done I was up just before 6 this morning dusting and washing the bathroom so it's less to do tonight, so when i get home tonight i have to swiff, vacuum, change the litterboxes, load the washing machine and pack It's a military operation when i go for the weekend to Gils

Anyway, it's sunny'ish and i'm tired
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Susan, it looks like we are both going to be suckers tonight with all the chores and errands
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Susan, it looks like we are both going to be suckers tonight with all the chores and errands
I know One of the girls at work is also travelling tomorrow evening because her husbands down in London. She's leaving her housework until monday when she gets back, but i like to come back to it clean and tidy
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I did some errands and chores yesterday but it seems like they are never done!!

Have a good time on your trips though.

Sunny but rain predicted for this afternoon, tonite and tomorrow. So I have to hustle my butt out of the house in a few minutes as I have much to do before it rains!!

There is a house going up in the corn field across from us-the house is at the edge of the property. At one time there were 5 cement trucks waiting to be used. They blocked my other driveway though-the people who are building this is the 3rd house they have built with about 1/4 mile of each other. I have a feeling its going to look a bit out of place but hopefully not too much like a Mcmansion.

Thats all the excitement around here!!
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Morning All!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful time on their excursions this weekend.

Sunny but only 3 degrees here this morning, I wish spring would return as well, this cooler damp weather is playing havoc with my joints..both knees and my left hand are being annoying today..

Heading off to work shortly..Lots of month end paperwork to finish off today but that at least means I can hide in my office and no one will bother me

After work just home and a few chores as well..

The kitties are good this morning watching something out the window..

Everyone have a good day
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Hi all! This is a stressful kind of day for me...final exams are here! I just finished my Philosophy exam about half an hour ago. I think it went pretty well. My next final isn't until 12:45, so that's good. I only have two tomorrow and then happy summer!

It's gonna be in the low 70s here today (Fahrenheit) and partly cloudy. But right now it's sunny. Either way, it feels great outside!

Buddy-cat is inside, asleep probably. Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach are probably with mama Ebbers. The others...no idea. Silly kitties.
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We are going to make our weekly trip to Petsmart to get some provisions for the felines! I am taking back some wet food because I opened three different cans and they all looked strange, so I am not going to take a chance and feed that to my kitties. I am going to take them back and get something else.
Still no word from my interview. I am kind of sad since they said they'd call within a day or two with an offer, but I guess I should know better. I've never had that happen to me in restaurant work before so I guess if they call, I'll be surprised. That's what I get for putting all my eggs in one basket I guess.
I worked in that place before and actually enjoyed it so I thought I'd try again, and when they told me I was a great fit and that they'd call me with an offer, I guess I was so happy I wasn't thinking straight ( because I wanted the job badly) and must not have heard all of what they said maybe? Oh well, another day another lack of $$ I guess. Maybe I'll put in some apps in while we are out shopping.
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