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Feeling a bit of a wally!!!

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Well we took pooh bear to the vets yesterday and she is no longer pregnant,he seems to think she was pregnant when i took her but has lost them which while is very sad is prob the best thing,as she is so young it would of been a bit hard on her.One thing i dont get though if someone could help me is the vet said the babies would of been absorbed into her body,but i would of thought they would of made her bad with a infection.Anyway just wanted to say thanks for all the help and advice everyone gave me,and sorry it was all in vain,one good thing thats come out of this is i found this site!.Pooh will be going in to be spayed very soon but will be kept away from all toms till then!I really dont need any more grey hairs lol
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I'm sorry that you lost your babies!
Yes, reabsorption can happen and usually doesn't harm the mother at all. It's pretty weird when you think about it. It's like internal cannibalism, eww! The mother's body just "used up" the material that the fetuses were made of. It's probably because she is so young. It's nature's way of protecting her from something that she couldn't handle.
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Yep i totally agree its for the best.I was very worried about her age and size bless her i think shes had enough of being examined!!.I have booked her in for her spay on tues.And at least i can go back to fostering for my local greyhound lurcher rescue which will be lovely.
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If I had the space, I'd love to foster greyhounds! I am looking into buying a place in the country. Right now I live in the city with a house full of cats. Wouldn't work.
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I hope you do get to one day,its a very rewarding experiance they are so gratefull!! And they dont take up to much room either its amazing how they curl themselves up bit like cats really!!
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Glad things turned out well for you and her. Absorbing kittens will not cause infections. I think the kittens are at a certain point in development where its safe.

If the kitten has hardened bones and dies, the body will not absorb it, but will expel it or it can cause infection.
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