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Bags, bags bags

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I was wondering if anybody else cats have this facination for bags. All 3 of my cats love them, plastic cloth paper you name it their in it! You can't put the shopping away with out Loki getting in the bag and sitting on the shopping. I came home from Uni this week with my stuff ...in bags and they just sit. You can pick Loki up in a bag and cary him about and he doesn't care.

He also likes to get in the bag and slide about in them too.

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Zek loves anything plastic. I'm not sure if it's the way the oils smell/taste or if he just likes the crinkle sound and the texture in his mouth--I'm always trying to find new places to hide the plastic bags from him since he can get into everything. Odo likes to sit on bags. He has several cat beds, blankets, and small rugs, but he often sits on paperbags instead. I'm thinking he likes to hear the crunch sounds when he stomps on them--plus it's yet another way to wake me up.

(By the way, I love your username--I just started reading the Discworld novels.)
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Luke loves plastic. I have to be careful when a plastic bag is just lying around because he might go in it. I try my best not to have the bigger plastic bags out lying around because I'm afraid the cat might suffocate in there (like the big JCPenney plastic bags).

Kelly and Luke both loves boxes. Basically, anything that confines them. All type of boxe, lunch box, cardboard box, shoe box. I keep some retail boxes, and the cats have found them! They go inside them and bite the flaps, so sometimes I'll see pieces of bitten cardboard scattered around the area.

We have the 24-pack bottles of Poland Spring water, and the cat likes to go in there, where the bottles would have been. I'll have to get a picture and show you guys. My descriptions are not the best.

On a slight different note, they like to lie on stuff. There could be a piece of paper on the carpet (from a small piece of notepad paper to the usual 8x11 sheet), and the cat will lie RIGHT on top of it. It's so cute that they like that stuff. It's fascinating to me.

*Sigh* The things I'd try and understand if I were a cat for a day, lol.
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My previous cat used to love sitting on paper and whatnot. It was amusing how he would sit perfectly on a piece of paper with none of him hanging over the edge.

My cats now don't have that same behavior but they do like to play with plastic bags. I wonder if it's the crinkling sound. I have a few reusable cloth grocery bags that I usually find tossed around too. .
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Yeah your right it's amazing what they like to play with. Loki also likes boxes, and I too worry if they suffocates or tangled as at the minute he can fit through the handles.

We have spent a few bob on cat toys when all we needed to do was go to tesco and get some bags!...lol

Glad to know it's not just my babies.

Ps enjoy the discworld..i have all the books..lol
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This picture says it all! Napoleon (RB), Wellington and Persil sharing a bag

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Yeah Woden loves plastic bags.. lick lick lick.. all the darn time.. Loki is only halfway into licking the bags.
Both love boxes, or anything they can sunngle into.
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I wish that playing was all that interested Quincy about plastic bags--he's an absolute fiend about chewing them up, and I have to be very careful to keep them out of his reach--once he's got ahold of one, he doesn't let go of it easily!
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