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OK, well that's new.

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Today my little orange boy was watching a moth on the wall. He started this very strange cackling type thing. I can't even really describe what it was.

he'd open and close his mouth SUPER fast, like he was trying to do something. I honestly don't know how to define it. He wasn't moving, it was almost like he was trying to call the moth.

I've never seen this before. Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?
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all of my cats have done that when they were watching the birds especially. milo and tabby will sit looking out of the front window chattering away! you described it beautifully!

i reckon they are so excited by seeing some 'prey' that they are talking to themselves 19 to the dozen about it!
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Ah, the bugs are out the chattering begins!

We live by a river AND in an old cottage so there are lots of bugs around. This chattering is a constant sound in our house as well! Don't worry - he is just hunting, getting excited and as tab said, talking to themselves.
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Aww man Mogget was doing that to a blue bottle yesterday at the window. though she was "barking" at it. It was quite amazing to listen too.
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My Lovebug does that too. I crack up laughing when I hear him doing that. At first I thought his vocal chords were not working properly. But he is somehow trying to communicate with the creatures outside. It is adorable.

He sits by the windows all day making this sound. If he sees a bug inside he makes that sound. None of my 3 other cats do it, only him.
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Both of my cats do this! Bonnie (6 years old) whenever she sees birds or wildlife out the window. Lucky actually (6 ms) does with his kitty toys, which is a new one on me, as Bonnie has never chattered at a toy, only outside stuff.
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chloe does it. we call it her "xena warrior princess cry" LOL
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We wake up to Ramsay chattering away at the birds outside the window every morning. I just figure he's trying to call the birds closer so maybe he can snatch one up.
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Well I'm glad this is not bizarre. I have to say, I've had a total of 6 cats. 2 at one time and 4 at another, and I've never seen this behavior. It scared the crap out of me at first. I thought maybe he was having a seizure. lol. it looked so strange and he was so fixed and wouldn't move. hehe

Whew! Thank God for this website. I've learned so much here! All the cats I've had previously were at least 10 weeks old when i got them. These guys I raised from 2 weeks.
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Not all cats do it - three of mine do, but it is very funny to watch them!
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