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I need some get a job vibes please.

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I am supposed to be having a job calling me today or tomorrow with a job offer but they didn't call today so I am hoping that they call early tomorrow so I stop worrying about it. Can you all help out with some vibes of get a job quickly please? I hate being unemployed and am regretting my hot headedness, because now I am worried about money. So my stress is equal to what it was when I was working because of that. Funny how I didn't see this before. I knew I was unhappy and angry working at that job, but I didn't realize that I would be just as unhappy not having one.
I wish I could just go out and get something so I won't be so worried about not having money coming in. I need a vacation from my unemployment..
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Sending you tons of !
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I completely know how that feels! and more your way...............I was on a major job hunt for 2 months! I ended up finding the best job ever for me! Hope things turn up for you!
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Sending get the job quick vibes
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Sending get the job quick vibes
& too!
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hope they give you a call in the morningl
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Thanks everyone!
No call as of yet. I guess if I don't hear from them by the time I get home, I'll give them a call to make sure everything's ok and the offer is still on the table.
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Sending more !
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Tons of get the job For you!! Hope you get the job!!
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I hope you get it! Good vibes to you!
I understand what you are saying. The stress is high. It seems to be a hard time right now for jobs. I have been unemployed and just got a position this week, thank God! Hope you will too! Maybe the paperwork is just taking extra time to process.
Since I got this job we were going to sit down to do the budget tonight, everything was looking wonderful, then I find out his company is downsizing the company.
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Jobs are tight right now! Sending many good that one of the few jobs out there is for you!!
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Lots of job are headed your way!
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Got back to late to call tonight. I'll be calling first thing in the am though. I feel like I'm going to sound needy though. I am not sure what to say. I was thinking about something like, Hi **** I was just wondering if the position for ********** was still opened? If so am I still a possibility for the position? Does that sound needy? Or is that something that sounds ok to call and say?
Oh I hope they didn't call my last job and my last job told them a bunch of lies about me....I'll be so angry.. UGH! I wish I could call them right now but it's to late and that would be imposing IMO.
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I would definitely wait until tomorrow to call. What you plan on saying is perectly fine. It doesnt sound needy at all. But its also ok to need a job.

We just hired some managers and we hired the two who actually kept calling us the most because as we saw it, they wanted it the most.

Renewed vibes for you
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Truthfully, I don't think it sounds "needy", I think it sounds like you are very interested and eager to work for them. And that will probably be looked at in a positive way! It could be between you and another person and they are waiting to see who calls first (my manager at my old job used to do that).

I hope you get it and I hope you love it! After the last one, you definitely deserve a job you enjoy! Many being sent your way.
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