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Hi...I'm new here too! :o)

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a proud Mom to my (grownup two girls and) my two kitties...Spike and Missy. Spike is a little 6 months old kitty(recently neutered)I rescued from abandonment. Missy (real name: Miss Mischief! ) was rescued from the Humane Society 6 years ago. I happened upon your site, when looking at a search for Cat Health. WOW!! What a GREAT site!! I also help with a Cats and Kittens Rescue in our town. They have been so wonderful, in placing HUNDREDS of cats and kittens. Also, spaying/neutering them when they are old enough. I am proud to be a part of their "operation" to make a LOT of kitty's lives better! I am SO happy to have found you all!!!! I know I will be here often!
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Hello there Missy&SpikesMom, It is a wonderful site, I am only a newbie myself but have found many hours enjoyment and lots of friendly people. You sound like you certainly have your hands full helping out a lot of homeless kitties. Well done.

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Hi Missy&SpikesMom - welcome!
I must tell you... Spike is a GREAT name for a cat... I love it! (My little guy's name is Spike as well. :tounge2: )

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here... it's a great site, and very addicting.

Oh... and we LOVE pictures!! *hint* *hint*
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welcome to the board!!
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Hello and WELCOME!

Yes, indeed, this is a wonderful site! i agree with you wholeheartedly!

i will remember Spike's name as i know Jenn's kitty is Spike. Missy reminds me of properness, and that is easy to remember as well. i use word association to remember names... :lovegrin3:


From another newbie
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Welcome to The Cat Site! Warning, it's VERY addictive!
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you found us here. There is a ton of information floating around. You're an angel for helping with the homeless kitties in your area.
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Welcome to the site!

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hello and welcome!

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OMG! Thanks so much for all the kind posts! This really seems like such a great place to be, and I think you are all correct, in that I will be here a lot like you are!
--OH! and those photos you posted on this thread--they are SO CUTE!!!! I do so love kitties!>^..^<
I am working on DH to get a digital camera--then everyone will be so tired of seeing my photos--haha (this looks like my Little Missy (this looks like Spike! :o)
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w e l c o m e

I'm new too and everyone here is awesome!! I know you're gonna love it
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Welcome aboard!!!
It's so easy to spend half a day in here so be careful!!!
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