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Today started out to be a pretty good day, My appointment arrived and I put some color on her hair, she was sitting under the dryer when my phone rang,....a friend of mine started telling me that there were kittens in the attic, where she worked,and she thought I would know what to do with them?
She said she could lift up the ceiling tiles but she still didn't see them. she had called the owner of the building and they called animal control! I immediately started boiling! Luckily our animal control officer is not to anxious, and not too savvy! he came and put out a trap! then they sent someone who works for the building owners, he pulled out 4 kittens eyes not open! I guessed the mom got hungry, and went for some food, (God Bless Her Heart) nothing I could do period! But get totally upset! Now what that poor mama has to go through whenever she comes back to her kittens! and they are not there! I know they brought them to the vet where I go! Do you all think he will euthanize them, because they are so small yet? They take kittens all the time, and adopt them out! But being so helpless, I'm too scared to call and find out what happened to them! I can't handle this kind of thing! I know I started my little program of TNR and put it in the paper, but now I'm getting
calls about cats and the problems people are having with them that I really can't help,so it leaves me to worry about the cats and I'm faced with the saddness of just the plain reality of how it really is for so many cats, and this problem is so much bigger than me! feels like I'm drowning and the ocean is the problem! So deep and so huge!so sad!