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This is about Wickett, who we had put to sleep about 5 years ago when he developed cancer on his chin and throat.


I look down at you,
Curled up in my arms,
For one last time.

I remember the day you were born.
You and two brothers,
To a stray taken in
By a neighbor.

I remember when you
And your brother Truman
Came into our home.
Five weeks old.
I have a photo of that day,
Both of you in one ceramic bowl.

You both grew up,
Changing from kitten to cat.
Then Truman suffered that stroke
And you were left alone.

You were fearless.
You climbed the ladder behind me,
Surprising me on the roof.

You rode for hundreds of thousands of miles
In our big truck, curled up on the seat
Or on the dashboard.
You always bravely stuck your nose out
When strangers came to admire you.

We called you the "concrete block cat."
Size, weight, shape, color and intelligence
Of a concrete block.

But that wasn't fair.
You were never aggressive,
Always gentle, inquisitive,
Friendly to everyone.

Now I look down and see that cruel invader
On your chin and throat.
It's a strangler, taking your strength
As it absorbs your nutrition,
Even stealing your breath.

The vet said she could remove it, maybe.
You might live a few more weeks.
But I've seen those bright green eyes
Go dull as the moon behind clouds.

That gray silk that was your fur
Is now dry and mussed.
That dark gray nose is hot
And cracked.

So now we're here at the vet's again,
But only to end this hell you're in.
Each of your breaths drags,
And you barely open your eyes
As the vet approaches.

She slides the needle into your vein,
And eases the plunger home.
Another tear runs down my nose,
Splashes on your fur,
Followed by one from the vet.

You take two more deep breaths,
Then a shallow one,
Then nothing.

I feel relaxation come to your tired muscles,
And I feel your struggle to breathe end.
I feel the pain and strain
Ebb from your tired body.

We will take you home,
And lay you beside your brother again,
Under the dogwood tree.

And I can only think how lonely we will be tonight,
When the lights are out,
And the wind sighs through the pines outside,
And you are not on the foot of the bed,
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What a beautiful tribute.
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Very nice
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Thanks for sharing that wonderful memory of Wickett.
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What a sad tribute

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very nice.. although it made me sad
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It made me really feel your loss. Wickett was very loved.

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Wickett was a great cat, but he lived a good life for 15 years. The cancer that he had came on pretty quickly, but not before he lost a fair amount of weight. He is keeping Truman and Snoopy company at the Bridge, I guess.
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That's a great tribute to Wickett, who may be gone, but certainly lives on in your heart. Thanks for sharing that.
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