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Will they remember me?

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I hope this is the right forum to post this in. I posted previously about how I will be getting 6 of my (deceased) friends cats. The last time I saw them was about 1 1/2 years ago (because I ended up moving to another state). I cared for them when she was on vacation as well, sometimes for 3 weeks on an every other day basis. I was wondering if anyone would know if the cats will remember me since some time has gone by. Two of the cats I will be getting are actually from 2 stray moms that I took in, my friend adopted them, so I was hoping that may help a bit as well since I was there for their first 8 weeks. I still have their moms and siblings of each and was wondering if they would remember them also. I was just hoping that if they do remember me (and maybe the 2 cats remember their moms/siblings) it will make the transition easier. If anyone has any insight on this I would really appreciate it!
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It would be better if you care for them in their original home for a while before they move in with you. This way, whether they remember you or not, they'll learn to accept you as their new person. Changes in their environment is always stressful for cats whether it is with their original guardian or someone else.
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Cats are not particularly attached to a person, nor do they have particularly long term memory of past caretakers. I don't think they would have the slightest memory of you, since you were gone for more than a year.

Cats are however, deeply attached to their territory. I once cared for a friend's cat when he's on vacation for 5 months. I moved to his house and his cat bonded with me instantly, hardly noticing the absence of its owner.

Cats always care about 2 things: food and territory. They don't have much concern for people.
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We just returned from 5 months away and during our absence left our cat with a relative since she was too large (24 pounds) to travel by air and does not take well to the car. She is 8 years old. Now that we have returned we have attempted twice to pick her up. We had anticipated she'd be glad to see us but both times has hissed at us, turned her back and hid under the bed. We haven't brought her home yet and are concerned that it will be too stressful for her to bring her home. We don't know whether she's angry with us or just doesn't remember us. She's had a pretty cushy life for the past 5 months with someone who is always at home. Any advice on whether to leave her where she is or try again to bring her home. We really missed her but want to do what's best for her. The relative will gladly keep her but we're at a loss as to what to do. Thanks
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The cat thinks she was rehomed and has settled into her new home. She probably does not remember you and thinks of her current caretaker as her person. If all the humans are okay with it I would just leave her with your friend. The cat has obviously chosen where she wants to be. Not to sound harsh, but that is the reality.
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