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Wesley is home, introductions going well

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I have taken in a sweet stray kitty to whom I named "Wesley" after the property name to which he was found. He is been in these parts for almost 2 years. Tuesday he greeted me at the door soaked to the bone and shivering. He was horribly dirty. When I pet him, he rolled over on his back for a belly rub! Well it was all over then! I work for an animal hospital. So I brought him in, gave him shots, gave hime a bath, and flea preventitive, had him tested for felv/fiv, and had him neutered. He stayed for a few days to recover and wait for me to try and find him a home. Well, I've called every rescue in Georgia that I could find, and they are all full. Needless to say, he came home with me today. I couldn't possibly put him outside again. The whole ride home from work my heart was pounding from my nerves thinking about introducing him to my current cats.

Wesley is so happy! He won't stop eating and drinking, and has used the litter box 2 times! I never expected that, I figured because he was outdoors so much that I would have to litter box train him to an extent. Then he walked over to the "toy box" and starting pulling out catnip toys and rolling around with them!

I have the bathroom all set up for Wesley, in case of disasters. I let him out of his carrier & gave him run of the house, of course going against all rules. Shame, shame! Well, I'm shocked, because my current 3 male cats aren't reacting all that bad. They are actually pretty relaxed, some hissing, but pretty subdued. What's going on? I did spray some pheromone feli-way spray, could this be keeping them calm? It's pretty amazing. I will be home all weekend though, so I'm well prepared for a fight, and will seperate if needed. I don't think I have to worry about Wesley, he is very laid back, and semi intimidated by my other cats.

Also, question on the urine smell. Because he was an intact male, his urine stinks, not as bad as before the surgery, but pretty noxious non the less. Does anyone have any products they like that can help the smell?
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congrats on a good job! sometimes it works out quickly because the cats are of an even temperment. his urine will lose it's stench soon, it just takes time. wesley is lucky he found such a wonderful kitty keeper...
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Here is what I'm now seeing. I'm still not too concerned however. What do you think?

Figaro, my dominant male is hissing at him like crazy, but nothing more. Today, Wesley is seeking Figaro out, following his scent, sending out a "war cry" then making chirping noises as he charges him and sometimes the other cats as well, but no real physical contact. He did pounce on Figaro earlier, but that was it, no biting, no claws, no growling. There has been no physical contact since then, this happened around 6am, it is 2pm now. There is only the war cry then the charge. If Figaro makes himself look big and then hisses, Wesley backs off and shys away. Since Wesley looks very much like Figaro, I've been calling these encounters the "Figgy wars"!
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sounds more like kitten play. when cats get with others, even adult cats, they can sometimes revert back to a kittenhood they might not of ever had. the figgy wars sound harmless, and kind of cute...LOL
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I'll keep an eye on them, and let you know how it goes. Hopefully, things will continue as they are and not become worse. I'm surprised there hasn't been any disasters yet!
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