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Spay/Neuter what to expect from both?

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On May 13th Smidgeon is going in for his neuter and Wicked is going in for her spay. Until then Smidgeon has been living in the basement with my roommate Jesse. Just so we don't have any "oops" kittens. Anyways I have owned spayed and neutered cats before but (Quincy!). But I have never owned them before they were spayed or neutered. So I have never gone through the healing process before. I have read up on what to expect with both of them. But I still am just looking for more people's experience with cats healing from a spay or neuter. I know I have to keep them both quiet. Still just kinda what to expect in the days following a spay or neuter. Also in the long run as in personality .

Thanks in advance!
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The males will recover faster as its not major surgery. But I'd keep them separate till her stitches are out - you don't want him licking her or anything.

Mainly keep an eye out in both for any infections, hot spots, or very red irritated areas around the incisions. And check them after they use the litter pan to be sure no litter is stuck on the surgery area.

Personality? They will be more loving pets and much happier not worrying about finding a mate
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Cool thanks . Im so excited to finally be getting this done for them.
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Wicked, Smidgeon and Quincy are beautiful fortunate for them that you found them....and took them in....I hope that they all have a long, healthy life...for sure, they will enhance your life manyfold
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You may want to time it right with the female.. I heard that it is a bad idea to spay a cat while they are in heat. This was done to Bootsie and she was very upset. Before I brought her in she was purring like crazy and rolling around and being super-affectionate in general. When I came to pick her up they brought out this growling towel and Bootsie was under it! She was in a rotten mood for that evening but seemed to get better over a few days (other than her mood she was fine). So, I don't think she was permanently scarred by it but I wouldn't do it again during heat with another female.

On the other hand, Monty (my male fuzzy) didn't seem to notice anything was missing....
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One thing I DID discover is that you should keep them confined until the anesthetic is completely worn off. In their carriers, or in a cardboard box. The reason is that they'll try to stand up and walk off, and may lose control and run into things.
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We got our boys done about a month ago, and our girl done about two months ago. Here is a brief summary of what we did!

As others have said, the girl is going to be a bit more complicated. Her surgery is quite invasive, though routine (so don't worry). Our vet felt comfortable releasing her to us on the same day (we took her in at 11am and picked her up at 8pm). Our vet told us to keep her in her carrier for the night (because of the anesthesia) and ideally for up to 24 hours. Because of the other two kittens, we opted to do this (we live in a very small cottage - confinement would not have been possible!). No eating or drinking for the spay day, and then half rations the following day. In my experience, she didn't particularly want to eat anyway, so that wasn't too much of a concern. We just watched her very closely and gave her lots of cuddles. We didn't have any problems with her stitches or anything, and we trusted her not to overexert herself. Our vet put in dissolvable stitches (our kittens are former ferals so the vet freaked her out), so I just checked her stitches whenever I passed by her or fed her. Over here, they do flank spay, so it was quite easy to monitor.

The boys - so simple. Again, our vet recommended keeping them in the carrier for the night after the spay. We let them out the next morning. Half rations again, but have had no problems.

Ask your vet about his recommendations for not eating/drinking before the surgery. My vet says no eating/drinking after 8pm, but I know other say 10pm or even midnight (depending on when the surgeries are scheduled). The cats need to have everything out of their system.
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Originally Posted by furbum View Post
You may want to time it right with the female.. I heard that it is a bad idea to spay a cat while they are in heat.
Is this true?
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Thanks so much everyone for all the info I really appreciate it. My vet told me to take away their food at midnight. Its crazy how excited I am to finally be getting this done. But I am its just one more thing to check off my list. If I had the option to wait for Wicked to get spayed I would. But right now is when I have the extra cash to do it. And im afraid if I put it off anymore it will never get done.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Is this true?
The risk of bleeding is higher during a heat spay because the blood vessels are engorged and the tissues are stretched thinner.

Apparently, this makes the procedure for spaying a cat in heat is more complicated and time-consuming. It was probably just too much stress for Bootsie. She was feeling the ecstasy of heat, immediately followed by the pain of having her sexual organs removed in a complicated and drawn out surgery.

Anyhow, we wish Smidgeon and Wicked well with the procedures.
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How long after a spay (or neuter) surgery is it okay to give the cats a bath?
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Your boy will be fine. The spay, as others have said is a more invasive procedure so takes a bit longer to heal. I too was able to bring my female home the same day as the procedure and was just told to keep an eye that she didn't overlick the incision. Some licking was OK. Same for the male licking - as long as he didn't overdo it. Neither of them did and I didn't need the e-collars for them. I am not a believer in pain pills after the first hours following surgery. I think if they can feel some pain they will take it easier and not be too rambunctious which could rip stitches or pull the incision.
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Its crazy how excited I am to finally be getting this done.
Oh, I totally understand! I too was super excited to get our kittens done. Like you said, just one more thing to tick off the list. I had never been through this all before either (though my husband had) so I was so nervous. But it all worked out okay.

Personality wise, you will see a change in your cats. Our girl mellowed out so much. Before we got her done, she was stressed out and aloof. I suppose all those hormones probably did that to her. Now, she is still a bit aloof, but much more cuddly and chilled out. Our two boys are also so much more chilled out. Paddington in particular - he was always quite laid back, but he is more affectionate and not aggressive at all (he was not too aggressive to begin with, but I had noticed him slightly picking on his smaller brother...).

Just remember - it takes about 30 days for all the hormones they have stored up in their system to work their way out after spay/neuter, so for that first month the change in their personality or bad habits (if your cats have any) might not show up right away.
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