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Good quality canned food for CRF?

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Hello friends,

This is my first time participating in this forum and I am excited to have found you.

Question: Our senior boy, Red, who is about 15 or 16 just had his physical, including blood work. Our vet said he is doing wonderfully EXCEPT he has the very, very early beginnings of kidney disease.

Can you recommend a good-quality canned food for this condition? I just ordered PetGuard Rabbit & Rice and Hi-Tor Neo Feline Diet off of, but would like to know about others.

Thanks very much.

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try there

May ask where in the world are you ??
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Hi Sharkey,

I live in the Chicago area.
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Cool Welcome to TCS ... I asked because many of over memebers are in other parts of the world and access is limited
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Use this chart of CANNED FOOD to choose the lowest % DMA phosphorus that your cat will eat. Keeping serum phosphorus under control is the single best way to slow the progression of CRF. I try to feed 0.7% DMA phosphorus or below, for my renal failure kitties.

Good luck to you and your sweet boy, Red!
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Thanks Sharkey and Pooky,

Your help is much appreciated. (You're right: Red IS a sweet boy!)

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Hi Shery and Red !

My oldest cat Hija was also diagnosed with early stages of CRF and I tried all prescription foods till I found the right one for her, is waltham renal pouches. She loves them (lately she's been bored after 3 months eating the same thing... )
but is gentle with her stomach.
Good luck !
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My family had a cat who had very early kidney disease as well. She did not have any noticeable symptoms when she was diagnosed, we found out because of a routine blood test we were having done because we wanted to get her teeth cleaned and they found her kidney values were elevated.
I mostly used Wysong, Wellness and Pet Guard canned food with my cat. She was very picky though so we sometimes gave her foods that were not necessarily the best for CRF just to make sure she'd actually eat something. We also gave her Wellness Lite dry food, it was one of the lower phosphorus foods and one she'd actually eat. She did really well on this diet and it seemed to help, but then again she was on Iams (not very good quality) before she was diagnosed.

You are lucky if you live around Chicago, there are tons of pet stores in the area so you should be able to find almost any food locally.
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Thank everyone, for your suggestions.

So far, Red hates the Hi-Tor Neo Feline Diet, and is already getting tired of the PetGuard Rabbit and Rice.

I am going to try the Waltham pouches. It seems that every day, I am frantically searching for another food. And I hate to see the poor boy walk away from his dish when I know he's hungry.

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Is Red on Pepcid? If not I'd ask your vet about it, it may help improve his appetite...
Unfortunately my CRF cat was already very picky before she had CRF so we had a hard time finding things she would eat after she was diagnosed... It was to the point where we made a chart with every type of canned food we bought and used check-marks to indicate whether she ate it and if she ate it the second time it was offered and so on...
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I second the Waltham Renal LP pouches - Felixia loves them, and they're the only kidney diet food that doesn't make her vomit (she's always had a sensitive tummy).

If your vet doesn't carry them, you can find them at some Petsmart stores (the ones that have a Banfield in them). My vet doesn't carry them, so I get a prescription for it from her and take it to the Banfield clinic. They make up a prescription card for the food, and I buy the food at the Petsmart register with the prescription card.
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