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Bunts - Pass Them On

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Beauty wants to give someone a bunt.

The first person to post here gets bunted by her, then they have to say which one of their cats (if more than one) will be the next to bunt.
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Oliver's next!
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whats bunting?
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Charle sends a bunt
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Maisie`s bunting
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Originally Posted by save_adopt View Post
whats bunting?
Bunting is a very sweet form of cat affection when they bump you with their head. Then there's the bunt and rub where they bump you with their head then rub their cheek on you. I love getting bunted.

Popsie would like to give everyone a bunt.
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Pan says "Happy Hump Day!" with a bunt!
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misty sends a dribbly bunt
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Taco sends a bunt.
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All of my crazy shelter kitties send bunts!!! The message is: TAKE ME HOME!!!!!!
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Marcie and Darcy share their slightly drooly bunts
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Spaz will share her bunt, rub, hug and drool
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Roly and Squeak are in - Squeak is a professional bunter! I think foster girls Twix and Snickers would like to join in too! Share the love!!!
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Luvbug is the next bunter.
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oh I call them head butts. My harley boy (Rumble In The Jungle) is a great bunter. He bunts like mad.
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Nadette would like to send out bunts to all. She bunts everyone and everything, even the dogs!
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tabitha would like to send a tubby tabby bunt!
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Buddy sents his bunts too, that is, if he isn't asleep somewhere...haha. He loves rubbing against people!
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Our tortie girl Sushie wants to send buntings to all of you! She rubs everything!
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Beauty wants to send some more bunts (as do Tiger and Digger - two rescue cats at the shelter)
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Oliver and Rocky send bunts too! They're both champion bunters, especially Oliver.
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Pushy and Wiggies both send bunts to everyone. Pushy's come with extra drool.
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Bunts from Quincy & Quasar!
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oreo wants to be bunted
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