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Da Punky Monkey!

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Someone's got a fat neck!

He gets so excited to get petted he rolls around like a dork

Then he gets sleepy

Then he stretch

Then he's just plain cute!

(I his little brown nose that gets grey at the bottom)
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Awww, what a sweetie!
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He`s so handsome! Chubby necks are cute
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aww, cuteee!
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What a handsome boy!
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I LOVE the fat neck pic!

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He is so handsome!
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That last picture of him... It's like he smirks because he knows he's a cutie. Gotta love that neck flab hanging out there too. What a stud! :")
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He looks so soft and happy. What a cute little dork!
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He is so darn cute!
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Awww look at him Nat his coats lovely and glossy in that last picture
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oh that kitty is so gorgeous! chubby neck and all!
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Aww... what a cute little punk! And those boys have a birthday coming soon too... happy birthday boys!
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He is a gorgeous boy!! Love his colors & his little nose
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I his facial expressions!
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Hello Mr Chubby Cheeks!.......
Your lovely eyes steal love from our hearts!........
Is a such lovely boy Nat!..
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