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cat moved kittens

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My cat moved her kittens under my kids bed. ( not smart ) anyway... I let her, but I put them into the box they were in, just cut the box in half to fit so that they wouldnt roll around and get cold away from the rest of the litter.

Now, she keeps coming BACK to where she had them, meowing... She rather sit and meow than be with her kitties!? - I fed her, made sure she knew the litter box was near by, etc... but she keeps coming back like she is MISSING them. I checked, all 5 are there...

How can I get her to stay with them to feed them and keep them warm?
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Put the box back where it was at first? But be sure you have changed the bedding in it since she had the kittens.

You may have to confine her to one room for a while, with her kittens, food, water, and litter box.
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I was told that if I do that, she might feel extremely upset by this and try to eat her kittens in the process of trying to "protect" them.
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I dont think she will try to eat her kittens. I wouldnt leave them under your bed. You want them where you can keep an eye on them, but away from hectic traffic in your house.

Sometimes a mom cat will move her kittens if there is a lot of commotion. Sometimes they move them if the bedding gets soiled.

When/if my fosters move their kittens, I change the bedding and move them back to their original spot. If they are adamant on moving them, you can try moving them to another corner in your room instead. Cats cant count, so even though all her kittens are under the bed, she goes back to the old spot and meows just in case she missed one. She is calling to her kittens to see if there is a response.

It is likely that if you move the kittens out from under you bed that she will then meow under your bed looking for stragglers.

I always take my bed off it's frame when we have kittens to prevent the moms from finding their way under there. But I realize this isnt an option for everyone, just what works for us.

Good luck. I think she will eventually realize she has all her kids and settle in with them again. You might want to minimize your daughters' (although you should still them daily) interaction with the kittens this first week, in case this is what spooked her.

Sometimes there is no reason (that we know of) and mom just does it. One day my dresser drawer was left open, and I walked into my room to find mom in the middle of stuffing everyone in my dresser.

Good luck again!
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You need to confine her to the room you want her in and do not let her out to move the kittens. I had my queens caged in a large cage and they were kept in there about a week or so before the kittens were born. She was used to the cage, box and the sheet that covered the cage. It was safe for her and the kittens. She had NO desire to be moving her kittens.

So put mom and babies in one room and don't let her be dragging them around to other places.
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alrighty. Thanks for the advice. I have left her in the kids room under the bed, for now. I wanted to give her some space alone before I made any changes and make sure the spot I choose for her works. I may keep her in the kids room, but I will likely move her into their closet as they never use that anyway other than to store junk ( you know kids, lol ) and tell them to keep out of that general area.

Anyway, THANK YOU for the advice!!!
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IMO the worse place to be is in a kids room - they will not respect mom and will constantly be wanting to play with the kittens. While its good to have human touch, I would not let small kids have access to the kittens 24/7.
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I agree. The kids arent home during the day because they are at school. I'll be sure to move the kittens before they go into their rooms tonight for bed. Trust me when I say I agree, lol. Kids never listen... lol!
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