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Out of state...

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My gran isn't doing too well at the moment. She just had open heart surgery and was recovering nicely (there was a scare with her not stopping bleeding for a while, but it turned out okay), but there was a lot of fluid around her lungs that had to get drained. Two nights ago she was rushed to the ER because her heart was racing - I think it had soemthing to do with the fluid, and they had to drain it.

While they were doing the procedure she went into shock and wouldn't stop bleeding again. It ended up going alright, but my mom wants to be there with Gran and to offer support to her brother. I'll be going with too - hopefully she'll recover now with no more complications.

Consequentially I'll be on TCS very little or not at all. I'm getting worried about her. Send some vibes for my gran - I'll update you guys on her condition as soon as I can.
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I'll keep you guys in my prayers Many vibes heading that way!
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Your gran and your family are in my prayers. If it makes you feel any better, my mom went through a surgery like that. She started bleeding, went into shock, and it took 6 additional units of blood to get her stabilized, but she was out of ICU in a few days. It's scary, I know, but as the doctor explained to me, it isn't unusual. Surgery is an invasion of the body, and the body really doesn't like it. Sometimes it doesn't handle it very well. Hopefully, this will be it and she will recover completely!
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I'll be thinking of your grandma, hon. My father had a lot of fluid for awhile after his heart surgery too, but it does dissipate after awhile. I hope they keep your grandma in the hospital for awhile -- sending them home too soon is not a good idea.
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I'm thinking of your grandma and sending lots of
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Oh no Hopefully your grandma is going to be okay Many healthy For her!
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She's doing loads better and is going home today or tomorrow. The chest tube (to drain the fluid) was taken out yesterday, as was the oxygen, and she's feeling very well. There'll be someone staying with her at her house too until she feels that she's able to function normally on her own. Thanks so much for the vibes, they really do work!
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Glad to hear about the improvements. from me because I know what you are going through.
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Prayers for her to get better. My Dad had a Triple Bypass and he was in Icu way longer then expected too. He is ok now but is on alot of Meds.
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So glad to hear she's getting better continued vibes
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