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I'm concerned about Snow getting sunburned. She never has before gotten sunburned, but I was wondering if this is a ligitamate worry for a completely indoor cat. She is completely white, and I've read that white cats can easily get sunburned. But does this refer only to outdoor cats? However, Snow loves to sit on the windowsill, or near windows, especially when I'm not at home. My apartment is faced in such a way that direct sunlight floods the entire places (especially the window areas). The sunlight is really bad in the morning when I leave for work. I don't want to shut the windows while I'm away at work because that is Snow's biggest form of entertainment. But is it even possible for her to get sunburned by sitting in the window? Any solutions or suggestions to prevent a future burn?? Thanks!
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Spooky was a blue-eyed white rex. I also had his sister odd-eyed white. They were totally indoor cats and never got sunburned by sitting in the windows. But if your white cats go outside, then they are subject to possible sunburn on their ears and you'd have to put some sunscreen on the ears only.

The only thing is that you cannot have an "open" window with screen, as the sun can come in directly thru the screen.
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As long as they're indoors, it should be fine. My cat is all-white, and though he likes to lie in the sun, I notice that he always moves before he's been there too long. You can pretty much count on them to modulate their own sun exposure... when they get uncomfortable, they move to the shade.
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I would still protect them from the sun while they are on windowsills. MAry-Ann (Hissy) took in a white cat that already had skin cancer so that her ears had to be amputated and she lived upstairs in the house, loving the sunny ledges. She got burned and the cancer re-occurred. I put Nivea sunblock for kids on my white cats as soon as the weather turns sunny. It is only sensible.
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