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12 Year Old this normal ?

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Hello.......I have a 12 yr old cat..she just turned 12 in March. She sleeps all the time....she will get up to eat and groom and litter box, but only when she feels like it.
I can pet her and brush her..she loves it, and purrs and loves the handling.....but she is always laying down. She is a little overweight...

Do you think I should stimulate her more to play, move around and get more active...or is this the 'normal' behaviour for a cat her age. She's in excellent health...was just to the Vet for her 'annual' check-up....

I am worried that she is 'resting/sleeping' too much...should I be?

Thanks for any ideas from your experience
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I'd have her get a complete check up to make sure she is in good health. Its NOT normal for a 12 yr old to be that inactive and sleep a lot. Spooky was still playing and running around at 13/14 yrs old - at least a few times a day.

If she's overweight, she needs to exercise more but you have to make sure she's in good health with no heart problems.
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Yeah, I second a vet visit. I spent a lot of time with my husband's family cats before they passed, and nearly all of them were very active at that age. Talk to your vet, get the cat checked up and then take the action he recommends (like losing weight, if he says it is necessary). It will be good for your piece of mind as well!
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Thank you both for your advice, I will take it. I was not too pleased at her Vet visit....from beginning the check-up to being back in the car, paying the bill, putting her back in her cage...was all of 15 minutes!!! But the Vet said she was fine.....and he's known her since kittyhood. Perhaps he was being presumptive!

We also recently lost 5-yr old Max...who would 'play' with her, and snuggle with her. She could be missing him....but he's been gone to the Bridge for a month now....and I would think that she's forgotten about him - unlike me who is still very emotional about it.

I will make an appointment with a new Vet office for a complete check-up...

It's better to make sure. Thank you
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awww she's probably still sad too
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She may be.. ...they became very good buddies over the last 4 or so years..once Max lost his kitten-y rambunctousness.......

I did make an appointment for a full senior check-up at a new Vet that I'd been thinking of changing to......for May I guess I better start chatting to her about that....she doesn't like going in her cage and in the car..poor girl....she howls something awful....but is so glad to get home....
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That is one of the nice things - they are so grateful to get home, they hardly remember it was you who put them through the ordeal in the first place!

She could be missing the other cat. Spike - my husband's family cat who just passed a month ago at the age of 19 - had a really difficult time for about 6 months after the death of his mother! He was about 15 at the time, and he seriously took it hard. Since his death, my father-in-law's girlfriends dog has been super depressed because he lost his little buddy! Animals are very sensitive, so some of his lethargy could be down to his friend dying. But it is still wise to get the cat checked out - just in case!

Good job on making the appointment - I hope everything goes well. Please update us!
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I am glad you are goin to the Vet. My 16 old Cat plays all the time even with arthritis. My almost 8 year old Cat lost one of her best friends and acted depressed after. She was 5 too then Yoshi her Son was Pts at age 5 too. Meeko wouldnt play and just slept too. Maybe your Cat is Sad too.
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Let us know what the vet says after a complete exam.
My girl is 14 and aside from being a tad bit slower in the cold months, is still as active and feisty as she was when she was a kitten.
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She could be depressed about losing her friend, and cats have long memories - I'd definitely mention that to the vet when giving her history. I'd be getting the senior panel done (my vet starts that around age 7, even when they see the cat annually prior to that age).

And, whatever extra time you can spend talking with her and enticing her with various toys and games would, I think, be a good thing. When I adopted my boy (then age 4), he was overweight and thought playing was laying on his back swatting at things. As I kept trying (and he did lose weight - vet helped me determine portion size, etc.), he gradually got more active and now often leaps when we play - especially when it's the laser toy.

Thanks for being such a good meowmy - hope you like the new vet and get some good advice there.
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Thank you for all your encouraging replies. She did have a Senior panel done at 8 years old..but of course that was 4 years ago. All was well then. This time I want to make sure that she is healthy enough to start getting her to move around..heart, joints, etc. Then I'll feel confident enough to be a good personal trainer...LOL....gentle, but firm....right?

She may be sad....I am too....I give her lots of petting and rubs and underchin's therapeutic for both of us.....she doesn't mind how much I cry and talk about Max.....she listens like a devoted friend

I would love to see her playing and being frisky again....I'll for sure keep you posted on how the new Vet visit goes. I will tell the Vet about Max....I'm sure it's pertinent to her malaise..poor girl.
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