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Points? Bank?

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What's all this about points and bank? Someone explain please... :~S
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With each post you make, you get some points. How many depends on the forum. There are two places where your points are kept. In the points spot and the bank. You can buy gifts (little icons by the user's name) for others through the shop menu, buy ribbons for yourself, and if you are a paying member, buy some fancy fonts and colors for your user title.

To purchase items, you need enough points in your Points value. This is like a cash reserve. You can always transfer points to and from the bank where your points earn a nominal interest. You will need to transfer from the bank in order to purchase anything.

This is all done through the Shop Menu on the menu bar at the top.
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You get points for participating in things like the KatKwiz and just posting. If you'd like you can put points into your bank for safekeeping (if you click the little arrow next to Shop Menu in the little bar at the top you can get to it there). The more you put in your bank account, the more your weekly interest it!

Points are used for buying gifts for other members that appear under their points count in every post you make. Again, if you click the Shop Menu arrow it'll have an option that says Give Gifts - this'll bring you to a page that you can choose a gift and type in the member's name you want to give it to.

Edit: katachtig beat me to it!
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This thread http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=111771 has screenshots that will help you navigate through the Shop Menu.
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