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Daily Thread HUMP day Apr 30th!

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Good Morning! Good Mooooooooooooorning, its time to rise and shine!

3 more days people! 3! 3! 3!

Its actually -4 right now and I am not too thrilled about it. Will be taking out the winter coat again this morning to head to work. Our Spring whether if taking a break I guess.

I get paid today and have to get some stuff for my trip so I will be heading out to the mall after work today.

Thats about it! I hope you all have a ravishing day!
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I havent even started packing yet for my trip to Gils I'm popping up to see my friend tonight who looks after the kids when i'm away, then i need to get back and decide what i'm wearing when i'm away

The weather doesn't look too good in Scotland for the weekend either and were going to the garden centre
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i havn't really got anything planned. i've just phoned around place's, as my Sassy's gone missing.
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I don't have any plans except to do a bit of spring cleaning. I need to downsize the junk. I may be moving to a garden level apartment in the same building (I'm on the third floor). The stairs I have now are making it near impossible for me to get out and about with the arthritis in my knees and the right one still recovering from that big fall. Anyway.... I want to become more of a minimalist. I just have too much stuff! Sheesh!
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Sunny but a bit cool (about 33F) supposed to get to mid 50's though.
Waiting for another load of laundry to finish so I can hang outside. Then load a few things in truck and on my way. Garden/wood cleanup this am and an appt this afternoon.

Have to pick up our molding for the family room too.

Rain for rest of week so I have to squeeze in lots (so what am I doing here??)

Bakker is being bratty I found my current knitting dragged upstairs from family room (lucky no damage) and he is picking on Grizzlie something fierce!!

Have a great day.....
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Today fortunately I don't have anything planned. We're having a Derby Day party on Saturday and I just got word that a last minute invitee Will be able to come, which is good, because all the people we originally invited have all called to say they couldn't come!
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Morning All!!!!

Off work today so tried to sleep in a bit this morning. Snowing here and quite chilly so think I will just putter around the house all day..

I do have a bunch of paperwork I can work on should I get bored but that doesn't seem likely.

The kitties are good this morning, all 3 spent an extra hour napping with me this morning which was quite considerate of them considering it meant a late breakfast for them..

Everyone have a great day
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Today kinda stinks for me. I'm still having issues from my root canal on monday, so i've been sitting aroudn the house most of the day with an ice pack on my face.

This morning i finished the last of my thank you notes from the wedding so that was good! All that's left of those are the ones Colin's doing for his friends/family so then we'll all be done with that!

After that i organized the dining room a little bit and tried to unpack some more from the move/wedding stuff. Then i made a strawberry/banana smoothie.

At the moment i'm watching "Everyday Italian" and STARVING for something good to eat at the moment. This soft food only diet is aweful
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I woke up to SNOW, uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh ,
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Ohh I love Everyday Italian! Giada actually just recently had her first baby girl. As for me, I don't have much planned for today. I just gave my cats their treats of the day.

Just got done prepping dinner and watching the dishes. My BBQ sauce is cooking. My beef back ribs are cooking in the oven. Waiting on dinner and the husband to come home. We will probably watch some Stargate and play some video games together. We *just* finished Season 4 and will start on Season 5 today! That show is so good!
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I woke up to SNOW, uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh ,
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