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A few different related questions

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My first question I suppose is a question of ethics?
My neighbor has several children and is to say the least quite the failure at supervision. They have a male cat that they SAY is neutered (I've never gotten close enough to check) He comes over regularly and SPRAYS my porch, it is gagging it is so strong, visitors have politely mentioned it etc etc.
Now the neighbors story is "I am SO sorry but I cannot possibly keep this cat inside with all of these children running in and out all day."
I am at the point of setting out a Have-A-Hart trap to catch him, enough is enough. But once I trap him what do I do with him? I don't feel right taking him to the pound, I work for a non-profit cat rescue, but they do not take cats that spray, they just are not adoptable and they aren't under the illusion that they can house every homeless cat out there.
I thought about trapping him and putting him in a cardboard box and setting him on her porch EVERY time until she GETS it, but then maybe she never will GET it? So is it wrong to take this cat to the pound? He will either be put to sleep or someone will adopt him and inherit the problem.

Now my other problem. I have 8 cats of my own (that tends to happen to people in rescue) Though I have cut myself off at this point of taking in anymore as residents so that I am in no danger of becoming a collector. Ok here comes the run down (not all of my cats are rescues)
Sake who is 4 yrs old female and spayed and has lived here since kittenhood.
Chou Chou who is 4 yrs old female and spayed and has lived here since kittenhood (she had one litter before being spayed)
Pippin who is 4 years old male, neutered and has lived here since kittenhood
(kittenhood to me btw is 12 weeks and under)
Ok so Pippin and ChouChou had a litter (whole other story that I intended to breed but decided against it and so they were both fixed after this litter was born)
Chambord who is 3 yrs old female and spayed and the daughter of Pippin and ChouChou (was spayed as soon as she was old enough)
Ceviche who is 3 yrs old male and neutered and the son of Pippin and Chou Chou (neutered as soon as he was old enough)
Cricket who was rescued as a kitten, she is female 2 yrs old and spayed
Faith who was rescued as kitten, she is female 1 yr old and spayed.
Simmy who was rescued at 9 months and is almost 2 yrs old and spayed.
And last but not least is Vanilla who is 7 yrs old and was on death row and she was already spayed when I got her.

Someone mentioned that anyone with over 3 cats who said they did not have a peeing/spraying problem was in denial or lying. That is not true, I honestly feel that I brought this problem on myself and ruined a perfectly good cat.
I had NO sprayers or pee'ers AT ALL.

I need to mention that there is plenty of room for everyone. My house is over 3000 sq feet and I have 11 litter boxes.

The perpetrator is Pippin my 4 yr old male who was neutered at 1 year.
For what seems like forever he would back up to my leg and do the shimmy and nothing ever came out. He only did this to me and never any walls or property. THEN I started to foster which I did for a little over a year (now I only do their paperwork and errands) And I had A LOT of kittens in here, a few nursing moms, a few neutered males etc. I was saving lives you know, I felt really good about it. THEN the spraying began right after I brought in a neutered foster male that sprayed. The war was ON. Suddenly my Pippin was spraying everywhere, and everytime that I actually CAUGHT him he seemed highly aggitated, he would make a twirtling noise and then go somewhere in sight of me and spray. But then I found it ALL OVER the house and in places I could not believe! On the kitchen counter by the coffee maker, in the book case, the treadmill, every single room in the house!

So.....I stopped fostering, removed all foster cats and signs of them. I took Pippin to our vet to rule out any illnesses, I saturated the house in Feliway with both spray and plug ins. He is still DOING it! Plus he is upsetting the other cats that previously had no behavior issues.

Spots in my carpets are just ruined and because he was spraying mostly on walls and baseboards my baseboards are RUINED, I had to put down so much enzyme cleaner that it swelled my baseboard wood UGH!

He is my favorite cat, I suspect he knows this! I would love any and all advice on how to calm him down or make him stop or maybe something I have missed? NONE of my cats go outside so how could they be affected by the neighbor cats spray? I cant smell it from inside the house can Pippin?
I am tempted to try the Elavil, my vet did recommend it but I dont want him all drugged and drowsy. I have fibromyalgia and I have taken that medicine for it and I had to take it at bedtime as it made me so sleepy!

He is also being suddenly aggressive towards almost all of the other cats here especially his very submissive daughter. Before he was a mellow king of the household and did not seem to feel threatened by any of the cats here but that is not the case now!

Pour on the advice and I will check back!!
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Wow, you do have a problem. Sometimes cats also reach a limit in how many is comfortable. Perhaps he feels threatened now - may have started with the extra foster cats and he just is unsure of things. Thinks more will be coming in and he's "ready".

I'd have him checked again for UTI to be sure its not medical. Even with a lot of space, you may have to confine him to a certain area for awhile by himself or with one buddy and see what happens. Not sure what to do (other then try and place him in an only cat home or a home with one other cat) if he still is upset.

If he seems to handle one cat ok, but starts spraying when allowed out with a lot of cats, you may know the reason/answer and then have to decide what is best for the household.

As far as you neighbors, even if you trap the cat and take it away, its very likely that they will just go and pick up another. I think they have sprays that you can keep stray cats out of your yard. If you have an outside hose, why not spray the cat with the hose when he comes into the yard. A few times of that, and he may decide to go elsewhere.

BTW the spraying male MAY very well be your cat's problem in his spraying in the house!
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Originally Posted by sugarkitties View Post
I cant smell it from inside the house can Pippin?

Originally Posted by sugarkitties
non-profit cat rescue, but they do not take cats that spray
kind of picky for a cat "rescue" organization.
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Sugarkitties, my foster turned permanent cat, Oscar, is a sprayer. He is a 2 year old male, was neutered as a kitten.He came here last July, started peeing about 2 months ago. After confinement, Feliway, new litter, everything, we put him on elavil, but he's on the generic, amitriptyline. He takes 5 mg once a day. It has not changed his personality whatsoever, except thathe is no longer aggressive towards the other cats, and is not spraying. If you have exhausted all other options,I would not write off the Elavil. If you don't like it, you can always take him off of it. I kept Oscar confined for 2 weeks. Thats how long it takes the drug to truly kick in, and if he is going to get drowsy, it will be in the first 2 weeks. After that his body will adjust to it. Good luck!
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