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I held her paw!

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I can't stop crying, this is ridiculous!

I held Bea's paw tonight. She didn't bite me, or yank away...nothing. I ever so gently took hold of her paw when she reached out to me.

I don't think I ever fully realized just how much I've invested in this cat, not just financially, but emtionally. She is the ultimate kitty for me...."special needs".

I have never ever, not the 3 months of fostering her, been able to touch her paws, without her inflicting serious damage.

Something so simple, yet so amazing. Stupid really. It was just, the trust she has in me, despite all I've done to her. Life's been nothing but hard for her, yet she shows the utmost trust in me.

Sorry to go all "drama queen" on you guys. But dang, this really is one of those moments you never forget. (for lack of a better analogy, it's like the first kiss!)

I really truly do love this cat, no matter how rotten she is.
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If you like cats that would rather rip your fingers off rather than let you touch them, I have a beautiful dilute tortie/white girl here, you just say the word, and I will get her to you!

Seriously, though, congratulations! Those moments make it all worthwhile!
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Oh, this is just absolutely wonderful!!! Celebration!!!
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
If you like cats that would rather rip your fingers off rather than let you touch them, I have a beautiful dilute tortie/white girl here, you just say the word, and I will get her to you!

I was wondering why you were still trying to hold her paws after all the serious damage she's tried to inflict

Seriously though, I can absolutely imagine how you must be feeling right now, when an untrusting kitty trusts you, it is SUCH a special moment. I hope the trust continues to grow
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Aww, it is wonderful when you make such a breakthrough with those kind of cats. When is she going to her new home?
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Ooh! What a special moment for your guys!
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Poor girl has been through a lot.
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Awww...what a moment!
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Awww, Nat - what a special moment for you! I'm so happy for you and Bea.
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How wonderful

Now she'll go to her new home--how rewarding! You've given her a second chance!
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That's so great that she trusts you enough to let you hold her paw!!

Even though Chynna loves to hold my hand/finger with her paw, it always makes me feel special that she lets me. I feel even more special when Abby lets me hold her's because Abby is one to want to be touched only on her terms.
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that is incredible! in such a short space of time too!

well done you. you should be so proud of yourself. bea must trust you so very much!
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That's wonderful Nat

Give that special girl a kiss for me I was thinking about Bea the other day, when I found Mia's folder still in the box with the others. It made me sad, but then I started thinking about Bea and how lucky she is to have you.
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What a special thing for you and Bea, Nat.
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Aww! That is so beautiful Well done to both of you, it's amazing!
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Aww that is so sweet! What a happy & special moment for both of you!!
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Normally I don't bother to try to touch her paws.....I understand that her paws hurt like that. I've bumped them a few times & gotten a nasty reminder. I don't blame her at all for being like that. But last night....she just kept holding her paw up & just looking at me. (I mostly used the opportunity to check her paw for an injury)

She hopefully goes home this week.

Thanks for the offer Kelly, but I'll pass on your lovely lady! I think Bea is much better in comparison!
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That's really awesome, Nat! WTG, both of you!
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that is so great i'm soooooooooo happy for you and your catcongrats!
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Okay. That made me cry.

How very cool.
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They do find a way of touching your heart don't they. I can't imagine life without mine.
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Nat, that is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I stumbled in here!

You've done an amazing job with her, and you are an ANGEL.

You know what? I think you're gonna miss her.

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yaaay!!! i stil remember how i felt when chloe just randomly climbed into my lap when i was doing homework and on valentines day!

congrats!!!! its the best feeling ever, isnt it??
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Is this where you are????
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I will miss her, it's her "issues" I won't miss.

(Off to go clean up pee pads )
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That is such a sweet gesture from her. You're so amazing with these little ones.
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