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Cleo's Kittens

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Some of you may remember I was posting about my cat Cleo, who was due any day.

She had her babies three weeks ago, on the 5/4/08. The day that she went into labor she was bleeding everywhere I took her to the vet and they told me to wait and if she hasn't had them within the next few hours to take her back in. She had them about an hour after we got back home. She had four all up. Two were stillborn. One has tendon contracture in her front legs. And there was one healthy one.

The girl with the bad legs developed an eye infection. That was treated and fixed. We have been doing physio on her legs to straighten them out. She will eventually walk like a normal healthy cat.

The next week the healthy boy developed pneumonia. He passed away yesterday morning 29/4/08. He was so beautiful and perfect. The vet also suspected that his head was too big causing pressure on his brain. I had taken him to the vet on the 28/4/08 in the late afternoon for a checkup. She told me he had gone blind. I found him the next morning at 5am, not breathing.

I just had to get it off my chest, it's been nothing but drama and tears ever since she had these kittens.
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Aww, I'm so sorry... It's such a shock when they seem to be doing so well. I hope your little girl rewards your hard work and commitment by growing into a lovely healthy cat.

to you and Cleo.
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I'm sorry!
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