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Kitten with possible kidney failure... HELP!

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Last week I took in a bottle baby kitten. She is about 2 and 1/2 weeks old now. Today I took her into work to have her looked at by one of the vets because she has be constipated. When the vet was examing her, she said that her kidneys where about 3 times the size they should be. Then I started thinking. She consumes about 120mls of formula a day and urinates gigantic puddles. The vet also said that her kidneys felt very irregular.

For now we have decided to keep going since she is very active and seems like an otherwise normal kitten. We plan on monitoring her weight to make sure she continues to grow well and doing bloodwork if/when she is a bit bigger.

This brings me to my questions. Does anyone have any idea why she may be having kidney problems at such a young age? And is there anything I can do to help with the SEVERE constipation? I really hate to have to keep bringing her in for enemas and such. I do stimlate her and I have tried adding oil to her bottle but none of it helps.

Any thoughts?
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Genetics is the first thing that comes to mind.
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Has any bloodwork been done? It could certainly be a genetic issue, but I'd want to consider whether a kidney infection was likely first.
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No bloodwork done yet. The amount of blood needed for our machine would leave the poor little girl depleted. I usually takes about 3mls and I dont think she has to much more then that.
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Hmm. Is her temperature normal for her age? I'm trying to think of other ways to detect an infection if one is present--fever is common and may be worth ruling out.
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Yeah, I'm thinking either infection or genetics such as polycystic kidney or some other genetic issue.
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Normal temp. and otherwise healthly. Its just the increased thirst, urination, and inlarged kidneys. She is active, she is learning to play now, and has finally started having regular bowel movements.

I just don't know what to think....
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I thought I'd give an update....

She is now about 6 weeks old. We are going to hold off on the bloodwork for about 2 more weeks. She seems to be doing well so far. She is growing at a normal rate and playing like any kitten would. We did an ultrasound on her and discovered that its not cancer or PKD. The only thing the ultrasound showed was that her kidneys were big...(surprise...)

She does have scabies though... We have been treating her for that and its almost all gone. She is also having some diarrhea right now which we are doing everything to control since her risk of dehydration is so great.

None of the vets know what to think. Its still a watch and wait kinda of thing for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully all of her bloodwork is normal and she just has weird kidneys...
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