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OK, brief history: Sammie has been here as an inside kitty for 15 months. She got spayed.

Pre-Sammie, I had a dog who connected with a neighborhood cat. Max (RB dog) loved cats and would love to meet/greet with the n'hood cat when I took Max out. Max went to RB. Kitty somehow knew and stopped coming round.

Sammie arrives. Kitty knows and s/he and Sammie make friend via the side panel at the front door and the lanai. They peacefully co-exists. No fights, nothing.

Suddenly a beautiful orange cat arrives on the scene. It was like Sammie took an instant dislike and tried to attack said cat thru the screen, and later, when she spied her outside, would try to attack thru the windows or door side panel.

Tonight!! A brand new cat on the premises. When I poked my head into the window, the cat ran.

What the heck? Why are all these cats suddenly arriving at my (sorry, Sammie's) property?

A friend said that there is a news flash about the new diva in the neighborhood. LOL. Funny, but still, I want to know what is happening. I am reluctant to let Sammie out on the screened porch because she is in "fight mode" and is tearing the heck out of the screen.
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Your friend could be partially right. There could be a cat in the area that's in heat. Very likely she's peed and hung around your property - then you get males doing the same which would bother your Sammie.

Do you know if "Kitty" is spay or neutered? Someone's pet? Or maybe he/she is just one of those social non challenging cats and that's one reason why Sammie likes it and not the others.
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Kitty belongs to someone in the neighborhood and I have no clue as to gender or if s/he is fixed. But wow, my yard is suddenly becoming cat haven.

Poor Sammie!
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