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He hissed at me!

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I started clipping Evvie's (Everest) claws and was able to get half a paw done before he realized what was happening and squirmed away. I picked him up a while later to finish and he protested again. I was able to get one more nail done and he hissed at me. I don't believe I've ever heard him hiss before.

He's sooo traumatized.
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i try to do chloes while shes sleeping. she still hisses while i do it but is all hiss and no bite. i wouldnt worry about it. just tell him hes a good boy and stroke his ego and give him a treat.
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did you hiss back hehe, eazy did that to me the first time i went to trim his nails. I hissed back at him.

now i dont have much of fight to trim them.
besides he knows he gets a treat after
soon as i am done he runs to the kitchen now and sits and waits for me to get them.
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Lucy whacks at my hand and then hisses at it. I just keep clipping.
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Nah, I didn't hiss back, I laughed at him instead.

His sister, Charlotte, was a very good girl and didn't complain until I was on the last claw.
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Chynna loves to get her nails clipped. It's a half hour spa treatment for her. In addition to getting her nails trimmed, she also gets toe and paw massages, and she absolutely loves those

Abby doesn't really like having her paws manhandled! Though she is a bit better about it now that she's almost 10 years. Sometimes she lets me hold one of her paws, but only one, and always the one. When she was little I used to do her nails while she was sleeping and she was none the wiser. Now however I have to do them when she is sleeping on the chair next to me. If she is sleeping on her left side, I grab the nail clippers and lean over her and hold her to me while I trim the nails on her left paw. I have to wait to do the right paw until she is laying on her right side Sometimes that takes until the next day because she's caught on to my tricks
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My foster Johnny Cash had to go to the vet to get his claws trimmed because he gets very violent about it.
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I just look at them and say "yeah, yeah yeah - whatever" and continue to clip those nails
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My kitties claws are kept trim by the constant use of the scratching post...
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My girls have to be sleeping before I attempt to clip their claws. Otherwise they are on the move constantly when awake. Running and chasing each other or looking out the window
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Bella growls most of the time she's getting her nails clipped. It sounds like "brrrrrr brrrrr", she does it at the vet too (he thinks it's hilarious).

She only hissed at me once, when I was giving her ear medicine (and I fully understand why) A few treats later and she's totally forgiven me.
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My Siamese used to love getting their nails clipped and then filed! Stanley doesn't like it much at all, but he's a good boy throughout the ordeal regardless.
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Trout hisses every day. Not when I am clipping her nails though, she actually purrs. She is not normal by any means
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Bonnie does not let me trim her nails. Period. She will squirm, scratch, bite, whatever she has to do to get away. And this is generally a very mellow cat. She has to go to the groomer anyway for regular baths (which I am also not allowed to perform), so they just do everything.
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Lol Wicked is horrible when getting her nails clipped. Especially her back paws she growls and hisses but never bites. And then when we're done she goes back to her normal self.
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