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im so disgusted

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this time last year, one of my friends had 2 small kittens that she wanted me to foster. her mom wouldnt allow them in the house because they breed dogs and were about to have 2 litters. i asked if the kitties had shots and she said no and i wouldnt foster them.
my friend moved to tulsa and took them. she lost (literally) one, got pregnant, moved back home with her parents and brought the kitten home with her. she emailed me about her kitten having a broken tail or so she thinks. i recommended her to this site but i dont think she even looked at it. in the mean time, i start feeding a bunch of strays all of a sudden. one of which scratches on my door, meowing.

i ran into her in walmart - 1st time ive seen her in nearly a yr and asked about her kittys tail. i ask if its seen the vet and her bf gets REALLY REALLY MAD wont let her talk to me and says the cat doesnt need to see the vet and starts blocking her from talking to me and pulling her away from me and interrupting us-quite an abusive ass. she told me she didnt want it to be neutered because she wanted kittens. its the source of the sudden increase of strays. ive lived in this neighborhood since 99 (except when i moved to norman)and havent had a problem with strays.

her family lives behind me and breeds puppies but doesnt take care of the cat --come to discover, its her cat thats been scratching on my door that i'd been feeding. its never been to the vet, not for its tail, never been neutered, never had shots!!!! guess how much they sell puppies for?TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED PER PUPPY! they sell about 100 puppies a year too.

but yet the poor kitty cant go to the vet. and we dont have shelters around here that i can take it to

sorry, i'll quit whining now. they have a website if anyone wants to see how much they well the dogs for. its not a puppy mill. they do take care of the dogs; i'll give them that--just not the has little short legs and a bloated belly. im afraid its going to get fip and ill track it in to my babies
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100 puppies per year?!?!?!?! Poor dogs. I'm sorry but anyone you has more than 3 litters a year is a byb to me.

Sorry you're having to go through this with a friend. Hope she realizes how much of a butthead her bf is and get her life straight.
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Honestly, even euthanizing that cat is better than the life it's living.
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Wow, I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous. People like that really make me mad.

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I am so sorry!
Poor cat.Do you know of anyone who could take the cat in and take it to a vet?

As for the breeding,they don't sound like responsible breeders.Responsible breeders do not have so many litters a year.They give the mothers a break after litters and wait until they have a waiting list of good people who want to buy the puppies before having litters.Just because someone takes care of their dogs,does not mean they are a "responsible breeder".

People like this anger me!
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If it was scratching on my door, that kitty would get "lost" and if it came back at all it would be neutered

Also, it must be a massive breeding operation to put out that many puppies without being a BYB...

This whole subject makes me a little testy lately as DH has been offered a very tiny kitten by a co-worker...same co-worker who took a tiny blue eyed kitten from their parking lot last year...same tiny kitten that had it's own kittens this year because they were too cheap to get her spayed.
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I think a "kittynapping" might be in order here, and a heart-to-heart with your friend about what she's allowing to happen. If that doesn't work, if it were me, I'd make an anonymous call to the Humane Society or the police.

Sending lots of for all animals and humans concerned (even the a****** boyfriend because he's obviously ignorant at best and sick at worst).
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I think a nice visit from the humane society or animal control might be in order, as well as the police and residential code enforcers - is this actually a licensed dog breeder, or a byb? If a byb (and with 100 puppies a year, I bet they are), I suspect they're in flagrant violation of residential codes, as well as animal care laws. Also, I suspect the boyfriend is at least truly borderline abusive, not just an ass.

Do you have a TNR group in your area that might be able to help you with the strays/ferals that this family is causing?
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100 puppies a year IS A puppy mill. That is way too many dogs being bred. I'd call the authorities on them!
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That IS disgusting! It's a puppymill for sure and they are apparently not interested in taking care of the animals. If they do not have a license then they can be shut down by whoever oversees that kind of thing in you area.

Apparently a bill was introduced that would have required large volume dog breeders (meaning puppymills) to be licensed, but it was withdrawn.

If you want to hit them where it hurts, you can report them to the IRS for tax fraud. If they are not reporting their income from these sales, the IRS will make their lives miserable.,00.html
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i'm disgustedthis is the most unmature thing i've EVER heard of. a cat desurvse anything dogs or stuff are doing the right thing.

bye for now cat_lady
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i should have specified that my friend's family breeds several different breeds of dogs and thats why they have so many puppies per year. the dogs are VERY well taken care of -- thats why i find it so disgusting that they neglect spaz so much. they recently had a litter of english bulldogs and they took turns sleeping with them and hand feeding them until they were big enough that the mom wouldnt crush them. however, the cat sleeps on the porch in freezing weather and gets chased by stray dogs...oh well.

we dont have a humane society or anything like that around here. this is still farm country -- theres only 10K in the entire county. we only have 2 vets in the county, for that matter. people around here still have and dog fights, unfortunately.

i love my friend a lot but one of the things that bothers me most is there were 4 kittens to start out with and shes going to be a mother in october
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
100 puppies a year IS A puppy mill. That is way too many dogs being bred. I'd call the authorities on them!
This is a puppy mill! That is WAY too many puppies and disgusts me too. Breeding several different breeds of dogs is also a red flag for a BYB! Ugh. I doubt the moms and dads live like real pets, get daily walks, get to be cherished house pets, doubt they do anything with them like showing, health testing, or working them; they aren't focused on breeding better dogs, instead they are valued for their ability to produce a cash crop for their owners. They breed a lot it sounds like. I bet the mommas don't get breaks.

What do they do when the mommas get too old? Do they screen for hereditary problems? What happens if the mom has HD? How much do they breed them, at what ages? Are they health testing? Do they take all the mommas and puppies to the vet several times a year? What thought do they put into each breeding? Where do they sell all of the mass amount of puppies they produce? What do they feed the animals during their whole lives?

I wouldn't be at all suprised if once you found out more about their real "ethics" and "concern for animals" and the real treatment all animals on the property get for their entire lives that you start to understand they don't see dogs and cats the same way as you do and cut a lot of corners where that shouldn't be done. It also sounds like they are making their living off breeding, and probably are in tax fraud. It doesn't suprise me they aren't taking good care of ALL of their pets, how sad
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no those dogs are taken VERY VERY VERY good care of. i can look out my kitchen window - im on the 2nd floor so i have a really good view - into their back yard. heck i can throw something out my window and hit their house. the dogs are in FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC condition. (theres been times shes texted me and told me she was coming over for dinner cuz what i was fixing looked good lol but her jackass bf wouldnt let her) believe me, if the dogs were mistreated, id be complaining about that, too.

what makes me so mad about the kitty b/c on the website, theres testimonials from ppl who have bought dogs and something's gone wrong and theyve taken the dog back until it was well or given them another puppy yet they refuse to spring $25 for shots for the cat! even though theyre going to sell 11 english bulldog puppies at 2500 each in a few weeks and they just sold several schnauzer puppies for 1300/ea

honestly if i had the money, id take it in to get shots but i cant afford it. i can barely afford it for my cats. my friend drives a lexus suv (paid for), lives for free with her parents (ok yes i live with my mom but i have seizures and dont have a choice) not to mention my friend is on welfare and her parents are loaded -- they just opened a 4th business. i KNOW they can afford to take care of the cat. it sickens me

when the dogs get too old they keep them. they just had a schnauzer pts because she was in so much from arthritis. my friend said she was 13ish and was kept in the house due to the arthritis. she could barely move or lean down to eat toward the end.
sorry its so long
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Sorry I don't care HOW good it looks, breeding and keeping that many dogs and selling them for money is a puppy mill. Good or bad conditions. Its a mill. No legit breeder in their right mind has that many dogs and that many breeds. I'd not be surprised if they also are producing some "designer dogs" as well.

I'm sure the dogs are pet quality - not show quality either!
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I have friends that Breed Dogs and they said your friend is a Puppy Mill.
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no designer dogs. they have 2 sets of schnauzers they breed at diff times a yr, 2 sets of english bulldogs (which has around 12 puppies each time), more than one set of dachsunds but i cant remember how many, and a couple of other sets but i think of what they are off the top of my head. theyre all akc registered and they arent interbred or have deformities. the litters are staggered and they arent breeding them every heat cycle. the dogs are retired after a few yrs of breeding and either kept or sold for pets. i know this for a fact

but my point is, while theyre treating the dogs like royalty, the cat is eating out of dumpsters and more than likely tangling with skunks. im afraid its going to get bitten and contract rabies or attacked by a stray dog
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When a breeder of dogs or cats, breeds several different breeds, they need to keep the two breeds isolated from one another. This hinders any dogs from being real pets, and chances are, they're in runs or kennels, not sleeping at the foot of their owners' beds. A good breeder is somebody who is working to improve the breed, not make $2,500 a puppy. And if there are people who need to have their puppy "replaced", well thats a huge red flag.

Mills come in all shapes and sizes. They don't all look like the ones we see on animal cops. A true animal lover would not need to breed that many animals for that much money. Did you include their website in one of your posts? Could you PM it to me?

It sounds like the cat needs some intervention. You may want to seize the cat until you can find a better home for it.

Good luck :-)
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I am going to politely disagree that your friends are treating the dogs like royalty. They are breeding them to make a huge profit. This is a puppymill, plain and simple.
AKC registered means next to nothing. All "AKC registered" means is that they send in the paperwork as to the puppies' parents and that they really are purebreds. The fact that they are not interbred or have deformities is hardly a health guarantee. They need to be doing health checks - and by that I do not mean "take them to the vet." I mean check the adults for genetically inherited diseases, as a bare mininum OFA and CERF clearances along with any other breed-specific issues.
Anyone who would be this cruel, to breed puppies for big bucks without regard to what happens to them once they get sold is not ever going to treat a cat any better. These things go hand in hand.
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the dogs arent in kennels or runs. they have a HUGE yard to play in with a big wooden fence. my friends parents had concrete put under the fence so the dogs could run free but not dig their way out. the dogs have been tested for genetic diseases. i believe ive said that before.

looking at their website, i guess theyve gotten rid of everything but their schnauzers and their bulldogs.

i havent seen the cat in a few days and i dont have the means to take in the cat. it there was a shelter nearby, i wouldve dropped it off long ago but the nearest shelter is at least an hour away.
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poor kitty Thats sad...

I also know people like this, just makes me so mad.
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There IS an animal shelter in Norman, call them and see if anyone can help you with this cat.

Norman Animal Shelter Public Hours

Monday through Friday: 9:00am - 5:45pm
Saturday and Sunday: we are closed to the public.

Norman Animal Shelter
3428 Jenkins Ave.
Norman, OK 73069
Phone: (405) 292-9736
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