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Can we have some vibes for tomorrow please?

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I haven't posted about this yet because I've really just been trying to not think about it. It's been a very rough weekend and week.

Saturday, I got a phone call that my only living Grandmother passed away from unknown causes. I really didn't know her very well, I had only seen her in person three times but I used to write to her and talk to her on the phone a lot. I haven't talked to her much the past couple years. I feel like I'm not as sad as I should be, but we weren't really very close. But still, she was my Grandma and I am a bit sad.

Then on Sunday, John's Grandma took a turn for the worse. She was getting bad for awhile (Alzheimer's), and has been in the nursing home for a few months. We knew it was coming, but it was still a devastating blow to get the call that it was time. We tried to get out there, but she passed away before we could even leave our driveway. Her sister was with her. John was out with a friend and was rushing back as quickly as he could. I had the unpleasant job of telling him when he got back home that his Grandma was gone. John's Grandpa is taking it very hard right now. He was out at the nursing home with her every day taking care of her. He loved her so much, even though she had no idea who he was most of the time.

I never really got to meet the REAL her, she was already severely affected by the Alzheimer's when I met John. But regardless, I still loved her very much. I helped to take care of her a lot while she was still here at home. Since I've never really been close to any of my grandparents, I have formed a really strong bond to John's paternal grandparents.

So it's just been a really rough weekend all around. John is dealing with it as well as can be expected, he was very close to his Grandma before she got sick. John's dad and Grandpa both have heart problems and aren't doing well right now with all of this going on and the added stress. We're especially concerned about John's Grandpa and how he's going to hold up tomorrow. They planned for a short service, just one day instead of the usual two days. There will be 2 hours for the visitation and the service and then heading out to the cemetery.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, I just wanted to vent a little. I'm just really worried about everyone and sad for all of the loss this weekend. If you all could spare some extra vibes for everyone, especially John's dad and Grandpa, and especially for them getting through tomorrow, it would be greatly appreciated.
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So sorry for your losses Many vibes for everyone
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You will all be in my prayers!
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I'm so sorry for both you and John Life is so sad sometimes, but just know that the tough times are what make the great times so wonderful.
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For all of you
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You got it. Lots of coming your way!
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All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thank you all so much .
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that so sad my friend....
I´m so sorry for your losses my friend....
for you and family...
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How sad. Lots of that everybody can cope with her loss.
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Many prayers and vibes for them. How hard

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So sorry for your losses.
Vibes and prayers for you and your family
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That you'll get through this tough time. Even more For your families.
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Many vibes headed that way!
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Thank you all so much for the vibes. We got home a little while ago. It was a very emotional day but everyone did very well. It's a big relief to be home and have it all over now.
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