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snow white is looking pregant again...what to do??

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how well would she adjust to being inside. She meows and dh and i now and even lets us both pet her. She will come into the laundry room, so i think she likes us. Dh said he is thinking about building her a room so she can have her kittens in there. We HAVE to get her fixed. She has having litters one right after the other. So i was wondering how long cats are pregant for, and if you think she would adjust okay to having a litter inside. It would be a private room in the basement and i would keep her on canned food so she would be happy. I just worry that she would get bored or angry down there
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62 days and they can be mated with multiple times which increases their risk of something going wrong.

If you give her plenty of places to hide down there before you bring her inside, she should be alright. You can email me for tips if you like- been down this path many times with ferals.
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thank you. i'm going to talk to dh tonight and see what he thinks. I just worry that she still has another litter some where, i guess if she is pregant again she wouldn't still nursing right? hopefully dh can get the room done in time she is looking pretty big!
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actually if she had been mated with more than once she could be nursing kitts and be pregnant again. though in the wild the quickest way for a tom to bring a female back to her heat cycle is to kill her kittens and that happens often. if she will let you touch her, and rub her belly? you can check the nipples to see if she is actively nursing.
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i can pet her back but i don't know if i can rub her belly. I might be able to get her to roll on her back though and i can see if they look big or not. I need some kitty birth control pills
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lol don't we all!! soon the rescue shelters will be overflowing with kitties
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we need to invent them! like make it can food/cat birth control :LOL: it would be so much easier. then dh would be happy i was feeding all the cats :LOL:
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OMG - you're CRAZY!!!! I had to laugh at the idea of birth control for kitties. I guess it could work if you could get it into food they'd actually eat, LOL! But given how difficult it is to pill our pet kitties, we've found it SO MUCH EASIER to trap the ferals and get them spayed!

(...Actually I've FINALLY figured out a fairly quick and painless way for all to pill our cats. )
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Originally posted by LDG
(...Actually I've FINALLY figured out a fairly quick and painless way for all to pill our cats. ) [/b]
OK Laurie, I had to bite. What is the secret of pilling cats? Ivo turns into a furry nailed tornado when I try to pill her.
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I only do it right after waking them up from a nap. I give them a treat to get them up, and then while they're eating the treat I get behind them. They're now sitting or standing with me behind them, and I kneel down, so now they're inbetween my legs. As soon as they're done eating the treat, I gently pull their head back with both hands, pill tucked inbetween thumb and forefinger, so I use just three fingers of the one hand. I use my middle finger and push at the back of the jaw to get the jaw open, with their head pulled back now with the other hand. I push the pill onto the back of the tongue with my forefinger, and then quickly shut their mouth and hold it shut with their head still tilted back. They're squirming - but can't go anywhere because they're held with my legs and both hands. They swallow quickly a couple of times - but can't spit the pill out because I'm holding their mouth shut. Because their head is tilted back but their mouth is shut, they've now swallowed the pill. I immediately praise them and give them another treat. Spooky LOVES cat milk (Whiska's), so for her I get a small bowl ready, and as soon as I think she's swallowed the pill, I put the bowl of milk down, and she laps it up - so I know the pill is gone, too.

This works for Shelly, our worst squirmer, who would get away or spit the pill out even when Gary and I both tried to hold him.

The trick is to do it all VERY quickly. And you have to make sure you get the pill in the BACK of the tongue, or even holding their mouth closed for a short period of time won't get it down. But that tilting the head back thing and holding their mouths shut really seems to work. Even Shelly isn't mad as soon as he's eaten the "GOOD BOY!" treat, and Spooky no longer bolts into her hidey place after the pill episode is over.

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