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feeling guilty

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I am dreading the warm weather. I have a very large deck and the thought of me sitting on the deck and seeing my 2 boys watching me thru the sliding glass doors and not being outside with me is causing me anxiety. My 7 year old was an indoor/outdoor and my 4 year old only had gone out with a harness. I had a bad flea infestion last summer...treated them with frontline, had the house exterminated and they haven't been out since last July.

I do not want to let them out at all for all the various reasons and I know I am doing the right thing by keeping them inside.

How do I get over this feeling of guilt and the fact that i don't want to use my deck because I don't want them to feel bad???
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Think of how much safer they are inside, away from cars and such.
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If you really feel that badly, you may want to consider rigging up an enclosure so that they can safely join you on the deck. Here is a commercial version:

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During the warm months, we treat both Mika and Bijou with Advantage and/or Revolution, i.e., April/May through October/November. Mika does not go outside but my hubby allows Bijou out (and no, don't ask and get me started on how I feel about that ). With the flea treatment, then you could take them out with harness and leash or do a cat run as suggested above.

I had a horrible flea infestation when we lived in the townhouse and finally needed to get professional exterminators in so I know from whence you come.
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